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The Young Rock Star Who Is Stealing Millions Of Hearts With His Catchy Performances ! Meet The Actor, Host And The Celebrity Star- Prit Kamani !

pritr kamani actor interview ss dil hain hindustani mtv letters hp

I am grateful to Density, It helped me to find my Passion, and do my best to make it my Profession. – Prit Kamani

Prit Kamani is an Actor by Profession. He believes that while acting an actor should have the quality to forget himself and then perform to make the audience believe in the character. He is from Rajkot, Gujrat, and has performed in many Ads which includes Close Up, Vodafone, Tata Sky, Center Fresh and many more. He also did shorts films and hosted a famous reality show, “Dil Hain Hindustani” broadcasted on Star Plus. Let us know more about the actor in his own words.

prit kamani actor interview ss dil hain hindustani mtv letters hp



In conversation with Prit Kamani:


What is it like to be an actor? Was it always your dream to become one or its just the destiny that you’ve reached you here?

Every day I wake up and I feel grateful and fortunate to be able to identify my passion because it is not such an easy task as it sounds. Many of us are not always able to find their passion, but I did. Not only I found my passion but I also worked hard for it every day. Well, my dream is to become the biggest superstar but I am still an actor. So, It’s a long journey to go.


You hosted the reality show “Dil hain Hindustani”. How was your experience with that one?

Whether it is hosting or acting, or anything else, every task in your life leaves you with experience, learning, and memories. It was a wonderful learning experience, sometimes felt magical to share the stage with the likes of Shah Ruk Khan, Akshay Kumar, Alia Bhatt etc . I learned how to handle a live show confidently and entertain an audience without a script.



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What are your hobbies and how do you manage to get time for them?

Hobbies are something which helps us not to pass time, but also enhance our own skills sometimes. So, it is important for a person to take out time for that or do it whenever you feel so. I have several hobbies which includes Dancing, Adventure sports, trekking, sketching and much more. I always manage to give some time to these activities. It also helps me with my acting.

pritr kamani actor interview ss dil hain hindustani mtv letters hp


The best thing and worst thing according to you about Bollywood.

Bollywood has many things which can be its best thing or maybe worst. But according to me the best thing and worst thing about Bollywood is same, and that thing is its unpredictability. You can not Predict anything in Bollywood.


You acted in a short film under HP MTV India,named ‘Letters’, where a bot used to write letters to a girl. Tell us about it and your experience.

It was a beautiful love story which shares a world far away from this technical world. More than anything this story shows us how dependent we are on our phones. I am an old school when it comes to love and romance and I think smartphones just ruin it, but who said you can’t write a letter in 2017. A handwritten letter is very dear and precious to me. Moving from smartphones and letters, This love story ‘Letters’ shows how people are still attached to those beautiful and simple things despite the technical saga all around.




Who is your inspiration in the field of Acting?

Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor are my inspiration. The way Shah Rukh Khan thinks and leads his life. No wonder, his stardom is always an influence. He’s like a magician, who acts magically. Ranbir Kapoor’s performances have moved me, his films stay in my heart, I respect both of them and their acting inspires and motivates me.

How your family takes your success?

Frankly, As I said before I want to be a Superstar not just an Actor. Therefore I do not think I am successful yet, It is still a long journey. But I attribute all my achievements to my family. They support me in my every up and down, whether it is regarding acting or not. Without their support and dedication, I wouldn’t be where I am today.


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