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If You Love What You Are Doing, No One Can Stop You From Being The Best ! Meet Janvi Chandure Who Has Taken The Blogging World By Storm!


Ms. Janvi Chandure is a dental student but has broken all the stereotypes and has chosen blogging as her career. From her schooldays, she loved to wear new clothes and make up and pose and click pictures. Curious, persnickety, and a sucker for perfection are the words that describe her the best. She met a blogger on a huge event and while the blogger was telling her own story, Janvi decided that she would make a successful story of her own. She says that one should never fear about starting things alone and on their own. Because everyone learns everything slowly, day-by-day.

The name of her blog is ‘theserotoninsplash’. There she writes about everything that is possibles about fashion. Her blog is a clear and crisp guide as to how to dress up according to the occasion. According to her everyone should be perfectly dressed for the occasion, and not over-dressed or under-dressed. She says, one should never lose hope and should always keeps trying. She completely promotes the concept of taking risks and says that you should always jump, because you just might as well start flying. Tune into her interview below.


In conversation with Janvi Chandure :

1. Do you think young adults should consider blogging as their full time career option? 

It can definitely be a full-time career, many renowned Indian bloggers are already practicing it. But, it depends on what response you get from it. It’s very difficult to establish yourself as a good blogger and earn collaborations. So, mostly depends on how much you make out of blogging to choose it as a career.

2.  Who inspired you the most?

 I met a blogger at an event. She spoke about her entire journey and that’s when I thought that fashion was something I was quite much interested in. Initially, it was very difficult to figure out everything on my own. But, each day you keep learning more and more, that’s how you get better at it.

3. What is your schooling background and tell us if you were interested in blogging from the initial years?

I am currently a dental student and planning to practice dentistry and blogging both. When I was in my school, I used to love posting my outfit pictures on social media. I guess that’s where I could relate to blogging, as it mostly includes getting pictures clicked, writing about fashion and sharing it on the social media.

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4. What is your motivation? Tell us what keeps you going on?

My followers for sure. The fact that there are ‘real people’ who appreciate my work is what keeps me going on. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t do this. Also, the people who are close to me, my family and friends, their support matters a lot when it comes to blogging. As this is a unique field, knowing that my close ones are supportive about it, means a lot.

5. Finally, what will be your advice to all the young bloggers out there?

Consistency is the key. Just keep doing it, never lose hope cause if you’re passionate about it, the universe will make sure something good happens in the future. Don’t be afraid of the criticism, there will be better things to counter that criticism. I had read this somewhere.. “What if it doesn’t work? Ah, but what if it does?!”
So, just go for it and ditch thinking about the outcome in future.

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