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Meet Nivedita Sharma, The Dancing Star Who Was Featured In The Movie ABCD 2 And Is A Member Of Kings United India!


Believe in your own fortune, have patience, work hard, be dedicated towards your aspirations. Love every bit of what you do, always be passionate towards your art form, and most importantly, believe in yourself because if you don’t then no one else will.” says Nivedita Sharma.

Nivedita Sharma started dancing since the age of 8. Things weren’t so easy for her, belonging to a middle class family with a single mother she had to face a lot of challenges to rise up to this position today. During her school days she was a shy, timid and introvert little girl who felt intimidated when she had to perform in front of people. There was a time when her dance training couldn’t be afforded anymore. It was when she met the Fictitious Group, she resumed her training by learning Hip-Hop for free of cost and had undergone a complete personality makeover. After one year of training with the Fictitious Group, she set the stage on fire with her crew ‘FIRST LOOK CREW’ in the reality show India’s Got Talent Season 5. After that she was featured in the movie Any Body Can Dance 2 and also in the music video ‘Dada Ding’ of Nike that went on to win at the Cannes Film Festival. Currently Nivedita is a part of the popular dance group Kings United India!

Check out Nivedita’s amazing dance moves on the song GAL BAN GAYI!

Check out Nivedita’s freestyle dance moves here


Let’s get into a conversation with Nivedita Sharma:

1.Tell us about the beginning of your dance career, how it all started?

Dance was something in which I was interested since my childhood but,I never thought making it as a career. I just kept on doing it because I always loved dancing more then anything. The actual beginning of my dancer career I would say was the moment I did India’s got talent season 5 with my crew first look that made me realise that I really want to take this as a career and I seriously want to do this.

2. You are present a part of Kings United India. Tell us about the origination or formation of your dance group? How did you guys come up with this idea?

Yes, I’m a part of kings united so grateful for that. The formation of the crew started back in 2015 when fictitious group was  breaking into 2 parts and that how kings united originated as a different group. Though, it has a different story behind its name as well.

3. Whose dance inspires you the most or who’s steps have you followed from the beginning?

My inspiration was my own life as a kid, I had a tough time dealing with my own depression and everything. It was really hard for me to see my parents fight and then falling apart initially so I always use to  overcome from my depression whenever I used to dance. Dance literally made me forget everything, grooving to the Bollywood numbers were my favorite thing as a kid. For hip hop, I have my two inspirations – which are Paris Goebel and Laure Courtellmont, I would like to add one more which is fictitious group.


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4. You guys are in a professional level now as we are aware of, so how did you get to that position?

The position that I have today is purely on the basis of my own hard work ,dedication, passion and the hunger to learn! To reach up to this professional level in this field you need to be quite serious about what you doing and quite sure about what you doing.

5. As we know Kings United India has performed in many places even internationally, so how did it feel to represent your country in front of the world? And how does it feel to get this amount of spotlight and popularity?

First of all when Kings United represented India back in 2015. We never thought we were going to win and achieve what we did back in 2015. And that unbelievable moment is something to cherish all our life for the whole crew. I still remember how India won its first ever medal and the tears I had in my eyes back then. It feels amazing to have that spotlight and Kings United totally deserved it. And the kind of style and routines that we have are truly international and that’s the reason we are so popular. After dance champion helped the crew to showcase the talent and reach out to the audience; we did a great job the whole India has witnessed that.



6.Nothing is easy and all fields have a lot of competition, so what struggles have you faced till date? And how do you prepare yourself for this competitive world?

It was hard to come out of my comfort zone then building myself physically working on my strength and stamina. From being the most introvert and shy person to a person who’s very bold- it has been very tough for me to come out my shell. Before I did not really believe in my capabilities; I have faced both mental and physical challenges .There were times, when I didn’t have money to eat during my break from the rehearsal, I used to be happy with Parle G and cutting chai. Dance as a career has developed me personally it helped me grow as an individual.Now,I manage things for myself. Have become very confident about myself and give my 100%. And I always tell myself that I’m not gonna be the shining star everyday but the fire that I have inside me should never extinguish.

7. Tell us about your practice routines!

I used to practice a lot before; I still do some times, nothing like that. Now that I’m working, my schedule keeps on fluctuating but now I observe things more than anything and then I  workout for one and half hour daily to build myself and keep myself fit; and apart from that I practice 2 to 3 hours a day that’s it. And the practice is based on drilling my basics again and again. Creating things and freestyling.


8. Tell us all about your experience in India’s Got Talent!

The India’s got talent journey will always be so special and close to my heart. It helped me to build myself as a strong woman. Dancing on such a big stage was a tough task! Though I was rigorously trained for it by fictitious crew for the whole year. We rehearsed more than 8 hours a day. The feeling of being on that stage shook me from inside I couldn’t believe that I was actually standing on that stage. When I performed for the very first time that stage really took my fear away and gave me a chance to shine. Those were the days!

9.Is it not difficult to form a completely new set of steps every time you perform as people expect unique stuffs always, so how do you manage that!

It’s not really difficult if you are constantly working on yourself and being clear about your style. Yes it’s difficult every time specially when people are expecting so much but as a dancer he/she should know there own style more then anybody else and he or she should know how to do one step in two different ways and make it look different and should know how to own it and that’s possible.


10.Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

I haven’t planned things for myself. I don’t even know where I’ll be in the coming few years but I’m pretty sure about my hard work towards my aspiration and then let’s see where life takes me.

11. What is something that keeps you strong when things get difficult in your career?

Things that keeps me strong when I’m not doing well in my career is my self motivation which I always have. I tell myself that it’s just a phase and it’s going to pass by and my time will come I just have to wait for it and be patient about it and what so ever happens I’m not going to give up because I’m a fighter and I’m star and I have come such a long way and I’m not here to loose on any chance.


12. If you could give advice for aspiring young dancers what would that be?

Believe in your own fortune, have patience work hard be dedicated towards your aspirations. Love every bit of what you do, always be passionate towards your art form, and then most importantly believe in yourself because if you don’t no one else will. Everything starts from you and self motivation is the most important thing so be a badass and kill it, don’t forget to shine as bright as you can.

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