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A Perfect Gymming Freak And Fitness Model Of Team JERAI, MuscleBlaze And Reebok. Meet Ranjeet Singh, One From The Top 5 of Mr. World


“Feel younger, live longer. It’s no slogan — these are actual benefits of regular exercise. People with high levels of physical fitness are at lower risk of dying from a variety of causes!!”

While too much reliance on technology could make us less fit, we see that we can improve physical fitness through the performance of different exercises. In this Interview of ours, we bring to you a very know and praised personalities in the Gymming industry. Years and years of crushing iron at the gym, maintaining a very strict diet and supplementing correctly has got him many accolades like the Jerai Classic Winner and placing Top 5 in Mr. World. We bring to you Ranjeet Singh.

Ranjeet apart from being a sponsored MuscleBlaze athlete has numerous accolades under his belt and is a beast both in the gym and in terms of nutrition. In bodybuilding, Ranjit has held numerous titles such as:

  • 2015 Mr. India

  • 2015 Jerai Classic Champion

  • 2014 4th place in Mr. World

  • 2014 Fitex Men’s Physique Champion

  • 2014 Mr. Delhi


 Here’s Ranjeet Singh for you…

1. Making it to top five of the prestigious title of Mr. World is not a one night thing. Tell us about your hard work aand struggle you gave faced in achieving it.

I always try to be the best in stage and I did this things a lot of times …yes it’s very true that it will take a lot of hard work and patience; sacrifice your family/strict diet/workout routines. Throughout the year you need to stay focused.

2. Being a body builder, you need to follow a lot of strict diet plan, how do you control yourself from eating the junk food?

Yes I have to eat 7-8 meals per day and also I have to calculate my protein%, fat % .carbohydrates% in all my meals.
Yes it’s hard to control the junk food but I’m very focused about upcoming competitions and I just want to win these all shows anyhow and thus my mind won’t allow me to eat junk food.


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3. Young generation usually goes to gym and do body building kind of stuff just to impress people. What is your story in choosing Body building to be your profession?

I use to play football in school time and I participated in Under 14 nationals. After that I went to gym to be more strong physically and to build my strength. When I started gymming, my only focus was on body strength. I didn’t want to be a bodybuilder at that point of time. Then, one local trainer told me that you can’t built a good body. That guy was a state level champion bodybuilder in his category … this incident hurt me a lot, though I remained focused on my aim that time, that I will built a good physique. And, after 3 years of training, strict diet and hard work in workout I beat that guy in Mr. Delhi championship and did it.
After that I competed in several other competitions, and I won all of them

4.Ranjeet, will it be good to say that ‘You live in gym’?

Yes, why not!! I live in gym and for gym, my passion is now my profession and way of earning.




5. Do you get annoyed when people approach to you in gym and ask for training tips?

Yes specially when I am doing my own workout and someone asks me for tips. This pisses me off..!!! I love to train people and guide them in good way but not for free.

6. Ranjeet, there are many advertisements which claims that “get six pack abs in just two weeks”
We know it is all a false thing. Are there any truly valuable tips?

First of all I just want to tell all of you one thing, if you want to built a good physique, you need to give at least 1year to your body. It’s not that easy as it looks on the silver screen, you need to put a lot of efforts and sweat to keep your body in a proper shape and size.




7. How much body building has affected your Self image and relationships?

Not that much it affected, but you need to search your partner who actually respects your passion and profession… who can stand by your side and keep supporting you for betterment.

8. Inspiration can come from anyone. Who has been your inspiration in your journey?

My coach my mentor #coachbali
Palvinder Singh Wason Bali
He’s always there for me.



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