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Her Micro Tales Are Pure MAGIC ! Meet Akansha Chhabra- The Poet From Delhi Who Writes On Love, Hope & Power !

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“All of us have unique traits that come out on paper. Likewise, we all have some purpose in our minds to attain our goals and make our mark in this world. Merging our passions and our purposes can be a very empowering concept. It can revolutionize our writing. But before we can make use of them, we first need to take stock of our assets.”

Akansha Chhabra comes from a Punjabi family where expressing things loud and clear is prevalent, Akansha tends to give words a life. A 21 year old girl who has dreams and aspirations to be inspiring belongs to New Delhi. Currently doing Masters in English, she believes there’s a little magic behind everything tragic.

As Akansha says, “The world is a hopeless place just on its face. Go deep down, you’d find different smiles & frowns.”  The onset of Hopeless-Hopes by Akansha Chhabra found hopes in everything that was hopeless. A Literature student, Akansha tries to fill words with feelings. Read to relate to find a little hope that’s lost in hate.

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The Tagline Of Hopeless Hopes

In conversation With Akansha :

 1. Different types of people have different views regarding everything. What essence do you put in your writings so that it satisfy each reader’s thoughts?

Different people have different opinions but often desires unite them. Every reader has a humanitarian side filled with love and belongingness which helps me to write in a way that they relate to. I fill my words with feelings which makes the readers link together.

2. Inner peace is an important thing for a writer. What is your good place or thing where you find peace and helps you to reduce your stress?

The search for peace has never been a tough task. While having friends and family who support, advise and guide, brings me happiness that leads to peace. My sister told me “You’re enough.” just these two words made me realize that I need to be at peace by myself, the world for me would be a better place.

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3. Akansha, from where did you got the hope of “Hopeless Hopes “?

Situations in my life made me a hopeless mess during January’2016. Even though I was hopeless, I didn’t want to lose any hope further. So came to the existence of Hopeless Hopes which was one of my dreams to create a platform in  which my friend helped me in building it wherein I started to fill words with feelings.


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4. For being a writer one must be a good reader. Whose writings influenced you to become one?

Being a Literature student, I’ve been around several writers. Pablo Neruda’s poetry about love & life influenced me to write and become a writer.

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5. So many people admire you and follow you. How do you feel getting so much admiration for your work?

Compliments, followers and admiration from people strengthen my ability to write better. With such love around, there’s a constant happiness which I’d never want to end or get less.

6. If you were ever given a chance to write the biography of a famous personality, whom would you choose and why?

If given a chance to write biography of someone who I admire, that’d be ‘Selena Gomez’. As she says, “If you’re broken, you don’t have to stay broken.” Selena has been a brave heart when it came to music, life and love. She didn’t back down and came up stronger every time life put her down. Be it any part of her life, she has been such an inspiration for me.

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7. Two lines which define who Akansha is.

Defining myself is definitely a difficult task. I’m someone who’d look for your happiness even if I couldn’t find mine. Filling words with feelings, I’ll always pray for your healing.

8. Any favorite quote of yours Akansha.

My favorite quote is Hopeless-Hopes’s tagline which is “Not a hopeless hope, but you still have a scope.”


Connect with Akansha here

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