JEE 2016 Exam AIR 2, Bhavesh Dhingra Says “Passion, Belief, and Constant Hard Work” Reason Behind Success

Bhavesh Dhingra

Bhavesh Dhingra was credited with the All India second position in the IIT JEE exam that was held in 2016. Bhavesh currently is a student at IIT Bombay in his own preferred field of Computer Engineering. According to him passion, belief, and constant hard work help in achieving the aim.

1.How does it feel to be among the top scorers in JEE exams, as, it is one of the hardest exams to be cracked in the country today?

It feels great to achieve such a high position in JEE exam. I was never expecting a position such as this when I began studying for JEE, however, when I started crosschecking my answers with the correct ones in the exam, I had a feeling of achieveing a good rank. So, we can say I was confident about a good result.

2. What led you to take up Engineering as your career? Was it family pressure in any way?

Engineering is something I was drooling over from an early age. I always wanted to be a software engineer from the very beginning, this is why I took up science in my 11th standard and started taking coaching for the same. Finally, the result of my hard work is in front of you. Also, there was no family pressure at all.

3. Every student gets nervous about such competitive exams, but is rescued from the stress by family members. What role did your parents play throughout your preparation?

My family has always provided me support and motivation in anything I wanted to take up but this time, for this exam, the amount of love and care I was showered with helped me in staying focused without stress taking over my head. Therefore, from my comfort to the best education I can receive was well taken care of by them all. They made sure I never feel pressurized because of high hopes rather they converted it into constant motivation.

Bhavesh Dhingra
Bhavesh Dhingra

4.How did you start preparing for the exam and what were your study ethics in the mean time?

I always focused on the conceptual clarity of each and every topic I was studying. After I had the clarity of the concept, it was easy to solve question but a constant practice kept me well versed with the things I was studying, therefore, I started solving many question papers and model test paper which boosted my confidence on my preparation. Also, on an average, I studied for 6 to 8 hours a day with concentration.

5. How much do you think has coaching helped you and is it necessary to be taken up for such competitive exams?

In my case, I would say coaching has played a major role in me standing in this position. Coaching institutes deal with competitive exams every year for which I think they serve us with right kind of material required. They focus more on the important topics which I think we cannot know without coaching. Also, the best part about coaching is that we devote a regular time interval for our preparation for the exam.

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6. Do you think it is possible for students to engage in extracurricular activities in the midst of  preparation?

Yes!! Of course, I totally believe so. I had enough time to spend with my friend and family. On the other hand, I was playing table tennis on a regular basis which helped as a stress eliminator during my preparation for the exam. A little bit of exhilaration should be on the plate of everybody because it refreshes the student and increases the concentration of the student. Music, however, is the best way to relax and calm down the anxieties if you are facing any during such days.

7. What will be your studying advice for the upcoming JEE participants? What are the key factors for them to be kept in mind?

I would first and foremost like to wish them good luck. The mantra to achieve from me is that don’t take too much pressure but the topic you study to give it and complete it 100% before jumping off to other. Study for short intervals but with full concentration which will help in memorizing stuff more coherently. Also, keep practicing from question papers for a better result.

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