GATE, 2017 AIR 1, Chemical Engineering Topper, Harsh Gupta Shares The Sure Shot Strategies To Clear The Exam

harsh gupta

Harsh Gupta, a final year student of MNIT Jaipur has brought pride to his institution by scoring 1st rank in his attempt at GATE, Chemical Engineering. An alumni of Jaipuria Vidyalaya, he says despite being sure that he’ll get a good rank in the exam, he was pretty nervous before the result announcement. He shared with us the sure shot strategies to clear GATE that were used by him.


1. When did you decide to go for GATE?

I decided to start GATE preparation when I’d got the campus placement in September, last year.

2. There is a preconceived inclination to engineering and medical fields in Indian youth and parents. Engineering is your passion or just an academic field?

Engineering is certainly my passion. I’ve been in love with it since childhood.


harsh gupta
3. Who was your mentor all along?

I wasn’t mentored by anyone in particular but my family and teachers served to be a great support throughout my preparation.

4. When did you start preparing, and how many hours did you give to your studies daily?

I started the preparation in September last year, and I managed to study 3-4 hours daily.


harsh gupta
5. Almost all the people have to fight mood swings, distractions while preparing for exams, what were your fights?

I didn’t have much mood swings but it was difficult to juggle between GATE preparation and college assignments, exams at the same time.

6. What is the key to crack the exam according to you?

I think being specific about the types of questions and practicing as many questions as possible is very important. Also, no topic should be left untouched.

7. Is a coaching essential or self-reading is sufficient?

Coaching is there just to give a direction to your studies. Main work has to be done by ourselves. If you can study on your own and most importantly, regularly then you don’t need to depend on any Coaching.

8. Were you shocked by the result or were you prepared to be a topper?

No, it wasn’t a shock. I was sure that I’ll land a good rank. You get an idea of your rank after giving the exam.

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9. Was there a change in strategy in the last few days left of exam?

In the last few days, instead of solving questions, I focused on revising my concepts and formulas. My notes that I’d prepared proved to be my best buddy at that time.

10. What would be your advice to GATE aspiring students?

Stay focused , stay calm and be specific. Make a proper strategy and work plan and follow it. Always remember one thing that GATE is not the last thing, there is more to life. So, enjoy and achieve.

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