How Initial Failure Exhorted ‘Upender Singh’ to Successfully Score 800/800, The Highest in ‘GMAT’

upender singh
Upender Singh (at right) GMAT Topper

Upender Singh’ GMAT Topper who scored 800/800 in 2016 shared his journey from the initial failure and how that failure further pursued him to reach towards success.

Upender has many achievements such as ‘International Best Research Paper Award‘ for his research in social science where he competed with more than 100 delegates from countries like ‘United Kingdom’, ‘United States’ and ‘China’. Secondly, he successfully won National Debate Competition for two consecutive years of 2015 and 2016 which was awarded by ‘Amity University’.

Currently, Upender is staying in Delhi and also working as Research Scholar in United States for four years.

In conversation with Upender…

Q1. You scored 800/800 in GMAT. How it really feels to you?

It felt nauseous and sick to my stomach………….. (hahahahaha). The best thing that ever ever…….ever……..ever  happened in my life is GMAT. The human mind always  wants and desires but when I went on to prepare for GMAT, I not only put my brain in but also my conviction, persistence, mindfulness, stillness, wisdom, energy and perseverance that led to my conducive enlightenment.

Q2. Since when did you start preparing for GMAT?

I started preparing from July 2016. I failed in the initial couple of months, but then I  realized that failure was just an event and not me. And then I came back vehemently and ardently and in December 2016 I made the perfect score. So my trance in life came true.

Q3. What was your family’s contribution in your achievement?

My Parents were the biggest support in my achievement. I mean, you can guess an M.B.A sitting unemployed in his home for 6 months after his course, when the relatives and society raised questions on him. My parents never let any garbage peep in their or my brain. My father is the biggest motivator and he told me only one thing “ There are 99 reasons not to do a work and only a single reason to do a work”. Make your work count to everyone in this world and I followed the same. In addition to my parents, the biggest contributor in my achievement is  ‘Ultimate Roadies X4 Semi-finalist Satish Kumar’……..  “Mera BHAI:  BEST HUSBAND AMONGST IDEALS”……………..( Hahahahahah). Speaking sternly, I believe that Satish Kumar is a God-gifted child and since he is so close to me, I also became the former…..(A=C)…….. Hahahahahahah………….. Lastly, he ‘s the best gift given to me by God and this Universe after my mother and father.

Q4. So basically your research paper is based on what? On which area you’ve focused?

My Research Papers covers everything from “Society to Entirety”. I have written on Marketing, Information Technology, Social Science, Human Resource. I focus on “ Stringent Issues” than to Areas. I write Research Papers when I feel there are things to investigate, to explore, to enquire and to scrutinize. Here are the links to my Research Papers:

  3. 3.

Q5. Have you ever felt that Indian students are discriminated at international level during evaluation of their papers?

Fortunately, I haven’t encountered with anything, if there is any. I will share my experience. I presented my first Research Paper titled “ Efficiency Of Public Distribution System: Insights And Challenges in the 17th International Conference on Make In India: The Road Ahead organized by Indian Council Of Social Science Research along with Sri Aurobindo College, New Delhi. There were more than 100 Paper Presenters from Seven Countries ( Like Us, China, Iran etc) which were either Faculty or a PhD Student and I was the solitary M.B.A student but I won the Prestigious “Best Research Paper Award”. Later, I won “ Best Research Paper Award” couple of times. I was even awarded and given grants by the CHAIRMAN Major. General. Rajesh Sahai ( Chief of Staff, Delhi Cantt) of my College i.e. Army Institute Of Management and Technology, Greater Noida. These awards and grants were given on the recommendation of the Director of my college Dr. Pawan Gupta, who have always supported me not only in writing and paper-presentations of my Research Papers but also in de-briefing me about the work which I did and that made me from “A Student to a Scholar”.

upender singh
Upender Singh (right)

Q6. So, which area are you taking your research in presently?

Currently, my Research is regarding admission for PhD ( Marketing) in US Universities specifically Ivy League Colleges. I Know it sounds trivial but verily you got to do a lot to get there.

Q7. So lastly, whats your future goal and what would you advise the students who are looking forward to achieve something in this field?

Someone told me one day “ Work hard in silence so that your success make more noise”. I hope you got my point………. But yeah one thing I can say that I want to live my life till eternity because there’s a lot of profusion which I want. My advise to anyone who will read this interview will be “ Don’t be afraid of failure because failure is not the opposite of success, instead it is the part of success. Failure is never……ever……ever……ever  a person, unlikely it is just an event or a situation which will make you the strongest person you ever were.  Lastly, I would conclude the interview by saying the best words I read a long time back




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