Pursuing Modelling from College Days, Anmol Chopra became one of the Finalists in Mr Men Universe, 2016

Anmol Chopra started modelling at an early age and did blogging for renowned designer Tarun Tahiliani. But after this, his bevy of success did not come to halt. He presented himself at Mr. India Universe pageant and did many commercials.

Anmol is a recent graduate from Jss Academy of Technical Education Noida & shares a little about his modelling career during college days to being a finalist at Mr. Men Universe!

1. When was the first time you decided to take modelling as a career?

A) That happened when I realized that I was photogenic, I was very young actually. This realization was made when I hit puberty.

2. What was your first success in this field and how did you feel about it?

 A) Ok, so what I would like to consider as my first achievement would be would be getting selected as a Brand model for Tata Motors at the Auto Expo 2016 India. I had to go through many rounds of selection and finally I made it through, and modelling in front of thousands of people coming everyday was an ecstatic moment for me.
anmol chopra

3. You must have met many big guns of modelling, tell us who was your favorite among them and why?

A) During my pageant of Mr Men Universe, I met Himanshu Shailey, the winner of that pageant. He practically helped me through out the event regardless of being my competitor. He is a good friend now.

4. Do you feel male modelling is considered less important as compared to female modelling?

A) Not really…male models are given the same importance in the industry. After all, we all are equals.

5. What were the difficulties and hard times you faced while climbing the ladders of your field.

A) By god’s grace I have been getting my way through everything. Till now it has been smooth and hope it goes like this throughout.

6. Is there any special regime that you follow to stay fit?

A) Currently  I m following a Ketogenic diet. So eating no fat, no carbs and going to the gym is compulsory for me. I can’t sleep without having a good workout.

7. As you started modelling from your college days, tell us about the special attention you got from your peers ?

A) We all were equals so no special treatment was there. They surely pulled my leg after that. Being a Model also makes you a target for silly jokes.

8. Is there any goal that you want to achieve in this field?

A) Being the most renowned model is the dream and being a brand ambassador for an international brand is what I want to achieve.

9. What would be your advice to male model aspirants?

A) Bro you are good looking…now its time you start using your personality to earn some money.

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