Shubham Nagar, one of the Finalists in Mr India 2016 Contest talks about his journey in Modelling

Young, Smart, Intelligent, Hard-working, Shubham Nagar was one of the finalists in Mr India 2016 contest. At a young age of just 20, he has made his foothold in the glamour world, won silver medal at State level in Shot put, and is an active member of the Debate society of Motilal Nehru College, University of Delhi. We caught up with this charming boy to talk about the pageant and his life.

1. Since when have you been planning and preparing for this contest?

To be honest, I’d never planned to go in this stream. I belong to a middle class family and like other usual families, my family too prefers education over every other thing.

2. If not a model, what else would you have been?

Engineer. I wanted to do BMS.

3. How difficult has it been to manage Academics and Modelling together?

Very difficult actually. But I must say that If you’ve the urge to do something, you can overcome all the difficulties. I’ve the urge to do modelling and also complete my education so no matter how hard I’ve to work, I do it & did not let affect any of my fields.shubham nagar

4. You had your feet completely settled in studies. So how did Mr India come along the way?

After I’d done 12th, my sister came across the form and filled it for me. However I couldn’t go for the audition then. But when Rohit Khandelwal won the title for Mr World, I got inspired and started preparing for it seriously.

5. What were you doing in your life at that time when the competition started?

Life was going on as usual. I had my internals going on at the time. So I’d to reach college early morning. Before that I’d to hit gym in the morning. Trainers knew about my preparation schedule so they used to keep the gym open for me till late night. Mom also helped me very much. From taking care of my diet to my sleep, she kept a track of everything. If not for her, this would not have been possible.

Shubham Nagar Introduction Video as Mr India 2016 Finalist

6. How difficult was the competition?

This competition gives you a reality check. The illusions everyone has about their bodies is shattered by the presence of much better bodies and capable individuals. Other than that the number of competitors is also very high. There were over 400 candidates from Delhi alone. Out of which just 17 of us were chosen. Other than Delhi, there were people from Mumbai, Bangalore and Chandigarh also. So it was a huge competition.

Shubham Nagar Shoot for Peter England, Official Sponsor, Mr India 2016

7. When a competition goes on for days, people tend to lose their confidence mid-way. Have you ever had any self doubt moment?

Yes, it was after we had fitness round that I was really tired and we had an interview session just after that. Natasha Grover Ma’am sensed my nervousness and talked to me about it. That was the time when I was Insecure and Diffident but Natasha Ma’am helped me come out of it. She told me that I was hers and Sophie Choudhary’s favorite contestant. She even opened her phone chat with Sophie Ma’am where Sophie Ma’am had written that I was her favorite contestant. I’d no words for that but It surely gave me an instant boost of confidence and I was able to continue fairly well throughout the competition.

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8. Anything that you think is lacking in your life and you really want it now?

I really want a portfolio. Since I’m not a Professional Model, I’ve not had a portfolio done yet. But now whenever I get time, I’ll get it done it for sure. And I also want to learn dance. It becomes embarrassing at any get together where everyone is dancing and I don’t know what to do.

9. What are you looking forward to now?

I’m really looking forward to Bahrain India Week that’ll be held in April. This platform will showcase the potential of trade and economic ties between Bahrain and India. There will be fashion shows by many renowned designers and I’ll be walking for a lot of Renowned designers.

10. What will be your message for youth?

Don’t wait for the right time. Every time becomes right when it’s about chasing your dreams. Do It Now.

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