What is Fashion? Beautifully Explained by Sarang Patil, Founder of “heisgotthestyle”

Sarang Patil is one of the famous Indian male bloggers. He has successfully completed various fashion projects with many celebrities like Richa Chadda, Kalki, Rohit Khandelwal, Chandan Roy Sanyal etc. Sarang who is associated with Fashion Schooling from NIFT, Mumbai is making a name worldwide. He comes up with comfortable and easy to carry outfits every time for men. He took the road less traveled by when he made his own benchmark with @heisgotthestyle.

His Blog is India’s Leading Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle Blog which was founded in 2014. HeisgottheStyle has collaborated with a multitude of brands ranging from high street to high fashion, such as Dior, Giorgio Armani, Thomas Pink to name a few.

1. What inspired you to become a fashion blogger?

Haha so many things!Being always surrounded by art and culture in my family. I was really good in art since my childhood days. I was very strong with color, palates and designs. My childhood memories with colors and different aspects to see the world made me who I am today.


2. What does “fashion” mean to you?

For me, fashion means whatever makes you feel good and comfortable! I don’t follow trends and neither fond of luxury goods. Fashion to me is simplicity. Fashion without comfortability does not last long, in order to survive it has to go along with comfortability.

3. Can anybody create his own fashion statement?

Yes! Of course, anyone can have his or her opinions about looking at things. What makes them different from the crowd can be the fashion statement for him or her just like a vintage watch from your dad’s century!

4. How much time does it require to choose next outfit?

Umm! That depends on the occasion I’m attending or events I’m gonna go through in a day. It may take 5 mins also and sometimes it takes forever!

5. What are the key factors in the outfit that define anybody ?

Perfect fit of the outfit. A person should always choose clothes depending upon the body type that one has, it is only then that the outfit can bring out the pest from the individual.

6. Fashion changes at a faster pace! Do you think it changes and repeats itself?

Yes! Trends come and go! And all the trends come back after a certain period of time. It is a revolution of the trend with different cuts and patterns. It does not completely repeat itself with the same singularity, it rather comes with a few innovation depending upon the trend in that era.

7. Who has guided you or been your mentor in choosing this field?

Frankly no one. I research a lot about things if I want to do something so when I started my blog the only source of knowledge was the internet.The Internet has brought the entire world closer and has expanded our knowledge magnificently so the entire credit goes to the internet.

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8 .Any message or tip for the fashion following youth?

Just don’t follow the trends blindly. Be comfortable in your own style. Don’t try to follow trends just because everyone else is doing it! Be experimental but at the same time be confident!

9. What do you think is the most popular fashion in India?

I still think India needs to grow up in the terms of fashion. The most common fashion is to copy or replicate what Bollywood stars are doing it!

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