Mia Lakra, the Stylish Dusky Diva reveals the story of her success journey

Mia Lakra, is a 25 year old remarkable model who has brilliant acting skills and very passionate about her career. She has completed her schooling from a Delhi based convent school. She started her career as a freelancer model and got into modeling professionally when she came to Mumbai. After working for a while, she made her debut in the most famous show among youngsters, Splitsvilla.

Lets know more from Mia :

1. How and when did you start modeling ?

I started modeling when I entered college in 2010, we used to have these college societies… so we had “Glitz” fashion society where I was one of the member.

mia lakra

2. Talk about your modeling experience and what are your goals with modeling ?

I decided to carry on with my modeling experience because of my unique face and features, otherwise I was supposed to be a crime journalist or a news reader. I have seen almost everything or gained a lot at the early age of 24 but still yet to achieve a lot. I have given myself 2 years. I really want to see myself in big screens in another 2 years through acting or modelling.

3. Did you ever face rejection before getting Splitsvilla fame ? Were you let down by it ?

Yes! I gave twice the audition of splitsvilla. I did face rejection at times due to lack of confidence and at times I used to think negative because of dusky complexion. But later 2 years when I cracked this splitsvilla audition my dusky looks only became my asset and I banged on the MTV splitsvilla season 8 screen.

4. Talk about your experience in Splitsvilla. Are the reality shows actually real or they are all scripted ?

Splitsvilla was a big turning point in my modelling career as it changed my entire lifestyle and made me a page 3 girl. Before that I had come on V channel, NDTV profit and Big magic. But MTV gave me that name and fame which changed my entire life. Well, in terms of reality shows they are not 100% real but some mirch-masala are added for the flavour.

5. When you chose glamour as your career, how much was the support from your family ?

I am a Roman Catholic girl and I am blessed to have such an amazing and broad minded family who really supports and pushes me ahead in life for this glam industry. My dad and sisters are my pillars and supporters in life.

6. Who do you look up to as a mentor in fashion industry ?

I really love, like, adore and follow Priyanka chopra as she didn’t have any god father and whatever she has achieved she has done it all alone with the kind of skin I have,  so she really inspires me a lot. I won’t mind saying I want to become the second Priyanka chopra of this Bollywood industry.

mia lakra

7. Share any catchy achievement in the fashion industry.

The day when I received the Award of best stylish youth girl of splitsvilla in 2015, my interviews and Coverage came in the limelight which made my family were really proud of me as they didn’t initially appreciate the show contents.

8. Talk about an ongoing project of yours.

I have opened up my own “TML Grooming villa” i.e The mia lakra grooming Instiute where I groom, enhance personality, guide and teach the budding actors and models and making many more bold, confident future models/ actors. Apart from that doing print, calendar shoots and one movie with sunny leone, will be soon revealed.

9. Having a penchant for acting, did you ever try in Bollywood ?

Initially no, but when my actor friends and some Bollywood peeps advised that you have any amazing unique dusky looks you must try then I geared up and luckily will soon give a good news.

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