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‘I Like The Person I Am Becoming!’, Says The Confident Stylist Ashish Singh.


Meet the young stylist and blogger, Ashish Singh, who gives personal styling advice to people and shares tips and tricks about styling on his blog ‘thevanquishment’. His mother is his greatest inspiration. His smartness his carrying himself makes him different from all the other stylists. He admires many international stylists and wants to become one in future.

He thinks that now a days many youngsters are choosing blogging as their career and in order to succeed, they should break the ice. Ashish believes that he understands Indian culture and can combine that with international standards and create something unique for the society. He thinks that various non academic fields like blogging, acting, styling, fashion, etc. are developing very fast in India.

Tune in to the interview below for his further views-

So fashionable and so unique, Ashish Singh!

In Conversation with Ashish- 

1. You have decided to break the stereotypes and choose blogging as a career! So tell us, was it difficult for you to focus on blogging? 

No, it wasn’t difficult for me to focus on blogging because it has something that i always wanted to do.

2. In this journey, who inspired you the most?

 My Mother is my biggest inspiration in my life. She always believed that I’ll be successful some day. It’s her faith in me that helps me to work hard everyday, and reach my goal. Without her support I’m nothing.

3. Tell us about your early life and when was the time you realized blogging is what you need to do? 

I always had a different way of carrying myself and 2 years back i cam to know about blogging and got inspired by international bloggers. Then after few months of my search about blogging i finally started my blogging career (date – 27 October 2016)
Rise And Grind!


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4. Do you think India is now ready to accept blogging as a full time career option? 

According to my personal experience blogging as of now is growing on a good stage and soon will be the best career option for our society but right now in India it has not reached at that level as compared to international bloggers

5. If you were ever told to choose anything else as your career, what would it be? 

If not blogging, I would have opted for opening a restaurant as I also have an interest in cooking.

6. How do you like to spend most of your free time?

In my free time,I prefer spending time at gym and of course spend quality time with family and friends.

7. As you have experienced a lot in your field, what would you advice young stylists like you?

According to me, a lot of youngsters are coming up with same sort of blogging such as fashion, food and styling. Now upcoming bloggers need to break the ice and come up with something new which should also helps the society, culture and employment of this country.

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