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This Social Media Poet From INDIA Is Taking The World By Storm With Her WORDS!!!


POETRY is LANGUAGE … and it’s most DISTILLED and most POWERFUL!! Its the clear expression of mixed feeling, an emotional healing!! 

With same thinking in mind…Yashi Srivastava.. a poet/writer with more than 10k followers across the world has been guiding and inspiring them with her poetry and writings…

Her work has been published internationally by various magazines / journals. She was also selected as one out of four poets to perform at the Kumaon Literary Festival in 2015. Along with these achievements … she has been inspiring humans with her poetry handle page…WINGEDPEN..

Let’s explore the story of her achievements and lets not be afraid to be HUMAN with Yashi – 

Kumaon Literary Festival, 2015 !

In Conversation with Yashi Srivastava

1. Hey Yashi, tell us something about poetry… like what is poetry for  you ?

It’s like breathing for me. It’s meditation. It’s the only form of emotional healing that works on me—like a balm soothing my soul. It makes me feel more than a human being in a very empowering way.  Take poetry out of me, and I’ll be only half-full. It has saved me so many times from falling apart, so poetry is the only thing I want to save now.

2. A writer who inspires a lot of readers , also gets their inspiration from who is that someone in your journey?

I’m an empath, so it’s easy for me to relate with the pain, happiness and chaos of other people. It’s kind of a superpower to understand  exactly what the other person is going through. I guess that’s one reason why my poems exhibit a lot of emotions. So, there isn’t just one person who inspires me to write.

I am also not somebody who constantly looks for inspiration. It just comes to me. Like I said, my poems are based more on empathy than anything else.



3. So many people admire you and follow you. How do you feel getting so much admiration for your work ?

It’s rewarding to receive so many heart-warming messages everyday from people who follow my work. I’m so grateful for having such a supportive audience. I don’t remember reading any negative comment on my page till date. That’s the kind of readers I have.  They have helped me fulfil the purpose of sharing my poetry with the world—to spread love, positivity and happiness.


4. As a kid were you always interested in poetry ?

I wrote my first poetry at the age of 8, I think. After that, it was only when I entered the law school that I started writing again. I was only a scribbler back then. It was the end of 2013, when I religiously started working on this art, and got my first poem published within a year. I’ve always been an avid reader though.



5. What are your writings mainly based on ?  And how do you get the ideas to start off with the writings ?

It might sound funny, but many a time, I feel like the words and structure of almost every poem gets downloaded in my head, out of nowhere. No, seriously, in the middle of a busy day, when I am completing my chores, a poem often comes sliding into my head. It just comes, effortlessly. My writing is purely based on things that I like to stand up for! Self-love, chaos, calm, madness, and most importantly being real and free !

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6 . Is there anything  memorable you would like to share with us ?

Yes, back in 2015, I was invited to present my poems during a session at the prestigious ‘Kumaon Literary Festival’ in Dhanachuli, Uttarakhand. It was an amazing experience for me!

Also, one of my followers messaged me once that she was being bullied by a few people, and was thinking of quitting it all.  That’s when she came across my page on Instagram, and somehow, my poems helped her cope with all the pain and misery which she was put through. I won’t disclose her name here, but I’d really want her to know that what a brave person she really is !

Be the bright person in someone’s life, just like Yashi Srivastava!


7. Any advice that you would like to give to the youth ?

Kids, be crazy. Break stereotypes. Travel. Read good books, and always choose to do what’s right, not what’s easy—haha spoken like a true grandma!


Get in touch with her,

Instagram: @wingedpen


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