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Yashaswini dayama : From AirTel Commercials to Jackie in Dear Zindagi

Yashaswini Dayama, a fresh and rising talent, recently stormed Bollywood by her portrayal of Jackie in Gauri Shinde’s directorial venture, Dear Zindagi along with Alia Bhatt and Shahrukh Khan. Film grossed around 1.1 billion around worldwide Box Office.

However, this is not her first appearance on silver screen. Earlier she acted in Pawan Kripalani’s Psychological horror film “Phobia”, where she essCyed the role of Nikki along with Radhika Apte. However, film was average hit at Box Office but it was highly praised by critics.

Yashaswini completed her graduation from BA majoring in Political Science from St. Xaviers College, Mumbai, in 2015. However, while talking to Yashaswini, she reveals that she never thought of acting as career and also used to be shy during schools and college days.

dear zindagi

In conversation with Yashaswini :

1. Since how long you were interested in acting?

I actually never thought I’d become an actor! But opportunities came up and who could say no?

2. To whom you have been following in the field of acting?

Ever since I started working with Alia, I’ve become her great admirer. Apart from her I really like Deepika Padukone, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma stone, there’s a lot of people actually.

3. Did you participate in any drama in schools or colleges?

I have never done any kind of theatre or drama in school or college. I was very shy and conscious. But I always enjoy watching, especially musicals.

4. How you got noticed by the directors of your recent films?

The casting teams of both films actually reached out to me after watching my first TVC. And after a couple of months I got both parts.

5. Out of these two films which was your memorable experience and how?

There’s no way I can pick one! They were such strikingly different experiences, both so educational and fun. So milestones were like doing an “action” sequence in Phobia, all the drunk scenes from Dear Zindagi, a chandelier fell once as we were rehearsing but nobody was hurt, the random parties and dinners, they were all memorable!

6. Apart from acting what are other areas in which you take interest to do ? 

Apart from acting, I want to become a singer/performer. That has always been the plan.

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7. So after the great success of Dear Zindagi, whats your future plans, getting any other offers?

Hahaha, nothing I can speak of right now. But the plan is to continue doing this and any other kinds of creative work.

8. So lastly what would you like to say to all youngsters?

I honestly don’t really think I have any authority to be guiding youngsters, but I will say something I’ve recently learnt and decided to practice “We feel this need to get immediate results and if something goes wrong, we don’t take too long to start questioning our lives and decisions. So whatever you decide to do, at whatever age, just stay true to it and don’t pressurize yourself to make the most of every single moment”.

Even if you miss some, it’s really not late at all. We’re 19/21 years old and we believe in goals and fastest results, but sometimes the good things will take their own sweet time and all you can do is be prepared and learn to wait for it. World outside college is scary but so thrilling, just find the little things that make you happy and don’t be afraid to just sleep and watch a couple of shows some days. Just cut yourselves some slack! Wow, so much gyaan.



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