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Story of a Guinness World Record Holder for playing Tabla at age of 3

Master Truptraj Pandya (born: 23 rd October 2006) is becoming a rage in the music world with his sensational achievements. He is the youngest ever tabla player to have entered into the Guinness Book of World Records. He has given over a hundred public performances to date. He performed live on All India Radio at a very young age of 3 years. Music legends like Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasiya, and Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan have bestowed their blessings on this child prodigy and have assisted him in furthering his skills.

1.How many hours do you practice every day?

On an average 1 hour. Sometimes less sometimes more. Depends on my mood and school homework. Everything is equally important at this age, whether its music or studies.

2. Doesn’t this practice interfere with your studies?

No. I try to cover up my studies & manage time for both.

3. What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to be a Tabla Player or to go into music field, especially rhythm.

4. Would you like to learn other instruments as well?

Yes, I try to learn and play harmonium, guitar. Apart from Tabla, I can also play bongo, Kongo, zemba, dholak, and drum.

5. How did you feel when you gave your first public performance?

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Truly speaking I don’t remember how I felt because I had given my first public performance just at the age of 2yrs 2months days at Somaiya College -Mumbai on DHOLKI. And it went on to become GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER. I also performed on All India Radio at the age of 3yrs and Mumbai Doordarshan at the age of 4yrs. Now I understood that it was a great thing to have happened to me, of course by the grace of god who has given me this state of the art by birth.

6. Who is your role model?

Ustad Zakir Hussain is my role model. He has been the greatest player of all time and nobody can reach up to the level of this sensational player.

Father speaking about his son

7.What are the hurdles you faced in making your son’s wonderful talent known to the outside world?

As such, I haven’t faced any hurdles, because this talent has come into the eyes of the world by his GUINNESS WORLD RECORD.

8.What was your feeling when you came to know that your son is in Guinness Book of world records for being the youngest ever tabla player?

It was a great day of Ram Navami- April-2013 when Guinness Book of World Record has certified him as a WORLD’S YOUNGEST TABLA PERFORMER. Being his parents, we feel proud to have such a prodigious son. We were speechless.

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9.What measures have you taken to further nurture his talent?

Any state of art or talent is required to nurture. Truptraj is small to understand all this. But we ensure that he sits for his regular RIYAZ. Tabla teacher, Mr. Dhyaneshwar Popalgharh. Mr.Satyaprakash Nishra comes once in a week to hone his skills. He also participates in table competitions.

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