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Urvashi Yadav : At the age of 14, she got selected for a lead role in Star Plus & Life Ok

Urvashi Yadav, a student of eighth standard in DL DAV Model School, because of her talent has worked with very highly taken names in Bollywood already at such an early age. She has played a role in Purani jeans(2014), a lead role in Hey Bhagwan, ad films, print shoots, a model of Homeshop18 and is currently working on two other projects. Urvashi has been selected for a lead role with Life OK and Star Plus. She also won a competition organized by Saroj Khan leaving behind 4500 participants. Urvashi’s recent achievement is working on a music album with Faridkot Band. It was last month when Urvashi won the National Photo Contest by Sushmita Sen. Here are a few words from Urvashi herself on the success she has achieved:-
 urvashi yadav

1.How does it feel to be in such a high position in life where people dream of Bollywood and you already at such a tender age have worked with so many actors?  

Everyone tells me that I got this entertainment industry at such a small age. This can be too good for me when I will grow up more. And these kinds of words make me feel so different from other kids. As working with various senior actors in various projects also encourage me to learn new things from their work. I feel so honored and blessed when someone appreciates my work. I get happy not only because they love my job. Also, they search a developing talent in me, so it’s like the top of the world feel.

2. Who has been your biggest support in your growth and achievements?

I would give all of the credit to my Family. Yes, it might be common, as a family almost always supports you but for me, my family is the one who supported me, who supports me and I am damn sure will support me further. Today, the position at which I am, is just because of my family’s struggle, support, care, love and the most important trust. They made me believe in myself and forced me to realize my potential. So I thank my family for making me understand who I am and who I can be.  

3. How did your parents react to your interest in acting?

As I have already said, my whole family is very supportive so when I’ve told them that I want to go into acting, not even a single time they asked why? Instead, I remember once a discussion was going in our family regarding the topic of the education field, like people believe achievements could be done only in education, then my father reacted, and said that every track is good and success can be achieved in any field. You just need to put your heart into what you like the most irrespective of any burden or unwillingness.urvashi yadav

4. What is the best moment in your life that you will always remember?

It was when I was seven years old, my first dance competition which was though the first step of this journey was the most memorable moment. I won that competition and Mrs. Saroj Khan, the legend of Dancing awarded me and appreciated a lot for being a potential dancer at such a young age. I took my step into the new phase of life, and that’s why I cherish that moment.

5.What is the goal that you have in mind? What do you want to achieve?

I believe for deciding goal of life, one need to experience the stages of life. So being a 14yrs old child, I think it’s too early to say anything about my goal. But I can say I want to do good whatever I do in my coming future.
urvashi yadav

6. What was the most difficult phase to pass in your such a great journey?

In these seven years of struggle I have faced a lot of problems but being an active person, I overcame them. But the most difficult was the shoot of my 2nd movie-of Eros International. The shoot was in Manali, and I have traveled 14 hours in car, cause of which I fell ill and suffered from food poisoning. Then too, I did the shoot as due to heavy snowfall, the curfew was declared, and the shoot could not be delayed. Somehow I managed to give shots and completed it.

7. Who is your mentor and why?

Like everyone, I also have one idol and inspiration. Though every person in my family contributes to my success as a guru, mentor or Idol. The one who struggles more than me is my mother because either a shoot or audition she is always with me. When I am busy with some work she searches many auditions for me and takes care of my professional notifications, she manages my accounts for that too. She never forced me to do something but always supported. As a homemaker, she has a lot of responsibilities, but she never protested for adopting this duty. In fact, she has done well in both of her duties.

8.Did your work ever affect your studies and in turn your parents? 

It’s both yes and no. There are many instances when there is a clash between my exams dates and shoots dates. It happens that I have late night shoots and the very morning I have to give an exam. Sometimes shoot continues for weeks, so I have to prepare too early for coming exams, even a month before. It also happens that I lose the syllabus of 2-3 weeks, but I manage and give my 100%. I never leave pending work and my teachers supports me too.

9.What is your message for the youth? 

I just want to say that keep doing your best, never think that you can not do anything. Everyone has the potential to do anything. If you fail at once, do not give up there is always a 2nd chance. I have too gone through many auditions and done lot of things which have not even been released/telecasted yet, but they have taught me many good things. Keep trusting yourself and every person who have faith in you. Stay focussed.

10. Who was the best actor you worked with and Why?

I have worked with a lot of actors, child artist but the one is Mrs. Rati Agnihotri. When I was doing the shoot with her at Manali, she called my mother and me and appreciated my work. She even praised me for my long hair. She created an atmosphere of love and peace. Being a senior actor, she never made feel anyone inferior, rather created a comfort zone.
 National Photo Contest By Sushmita Sen
                                                              “Won National Photo Contest By Sushmita Sen”
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