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Jeet Trivedi : Known for his Blindfold Abilities in Painting, Driving, Reading & Cycling

Jeet Trivedi, a student of automobile engineering from Bhavnagar, Gujarat, is a well-known name at his very early age. Jeet is three times district champion in chess at Khel Maha Kumbh organized by Gujarati Government, won a gold medal in international debate competition help at Mauritius. He won gold and silver in painting competitions hosted by Avantika Group. Jeet, however, is known for his blindfold abilities such as Painting, Cycling, Playing chess, Driving a scooter, Read books. Jeet also turned the gearless scooter from Leh to Khar dung la,18380ft (the world’s highest motorable road) he covered 40 kilometers and completed these task with blindfolded eyes.

Author: –What exactly do you mean by Blindfold ability? How did you get such ability?

Jeet: –The midbrain is scientific method. Blindfold is a Midbrain activation or sixth sense development program. I have learned these program 3 and a half year ago. After the training, I practiced a lot and performed the tasks that have been put forwarded to me by my idea giver i.e. my father, Vipulbhai Trivedi. I am trained under Mr.Bharat Patel (neurofeedback trainer), Surat & took just two days for the training and increased his ability by the practice.

Author: –What has been your highest point in life?

Jeet: –My highest point has been when I drove the gearless scooter from Leh to Khar dun GLA,18380 ft (the world’s highest motorable road). I covered 40 kilometers and completed these task with blindfolded eyes. Recently, on 25th December 2016 I attempted for five new world records in the blindfold one-minute category in front of Mr.Manishji, the Asia head of  Golden Books of world records(UK based).

Author: –Who has been the biggest support and who served as the definite mentor all along your fabulous journey?

Jeet: –My biggest is my elder brother Meet Trivedi and my parents. They have always helped me and motivated me in achieving furthermore with the aid of the abilities that I worked upon so hard. The give me a hand in every way possible and give me best advice suited for me. My father, Vipul Trivedi is my mentor cum trustee. He is a man of high values, and I want to adopt his thinking and thoughts.

Author: –Did it ever affect your studies?

Jeet: –As far as I remember, it never proved to be a hurdle in myeducational field. Also in a way it is advantageous to me while studying as the whole study becomes quite easy for me to remember. I am an average student, and my score is almost eight up every time.
jeet trivedi

Author: –Have you faced any difficulty in accomplishing any blindfold task ever?

Jeet: –No! not at all. I have acquired these abilities with utmost dedication and practice. The amount of training I gave into it gave me a level of refinement which safeguards me from any difficulty in the tasks that I perform. Midbrain activation involves alpha frequency music while stimulates the mind and also includes Brain and eye gym.

Author: –How did you feel after meeting PM Modi

Jeet: –When I meet the Modi sir, he was our Chief Minister (Gujarat). Sir was amazed at my speaking skills and honored me for it. He has proven to be best Prime Minister India so far, and thereby I respect him for his strong decisions sincerely.jeet trivedi

Author: –What will be your message to the youth?

Jeet: –My message to the youth will be that “You can achieve anything in this world; the required thing is Focus and hard work.”The right amount of focus and hard work can lead up to tremendous success. These are the only two main ingredients required for whatever aim any person has in his mind.
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