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Spreading humor as “tirth_tg”, Tirth Gandhi – the current instagram sensation

Tirth Gandhi

Tirth Gandhi, the current Instagram sensation as “tirth_tg”, is currently a student of Hons at National Commerce College. He also learns animation as a part-time degree course to enroll it in his videos. Tirth has entertained his audience successfully with the acute humor he puts in his videos. However, he is highly obliged of the time limitations of Instagram as he says “Instagram suited me best because of the limited 6 seconds video”.

1. You are one of the most loved video makers in the country. How does it feel?

Hahaha! It feels amazing. But a country is the lighter scenario, my vision is to entertain the entire universe. It feels very nice when people laugh at my video around the world.

2. What do you think is essential to be a popular vine/ video maker like your tricks or constant dedication? Why?

Constant dedication is always the key to success but to be a good winner the other most wanted thing is a ‘good observation’. Good observation itself makes the work more interesting with a digestible humor.

3. What is your message for the upcoming vine/ video maker? What are the tips that you would want to share with them?

Nowadays everybody is trying their hand on the production of the funny video but the people who climb up the ladder are the ones who manifest a new style, a new thinking, and sharp humor of their own. The only advice for the upcoming viners is that the least you copy from others the better you become.

Tirth Gandhi

4. Video making is not a parent’s cup of tea. How did your parents react to your decision to be a blogger?

This is my favourite question! Well, there were a lot of incidents with my parents on every initial stage when I started this humor on social media. But, day by day they developed faith in me and started supporting me. I believe family support is a must and without which success is not possible.

5. There are various hilarious stories that we come across time to time on your page. Does it require a lot of effort to pen down the humor?

I believe humor can never be written and it is always spontaneous. Penning down humor is not the kind of humor which is appreciated much. When we laugh spontaneously over something said or done is the true laughter which connects through the heart. Therefore, I never write down my scripts.          

6. Who inspired you to make such a tremendous Instagram Page?

Well in this era, there are a lot of viners with their own masterstroke ideas but, for me, Tathagat and Ashish Chanchalani acted as inspiration for starting something hilarious. They are loved widely by everyone for their work and it is them whom I gave credit of my inspiration.

Tirth Gandhi

7. What is the one thing that Vine making taught you?

Vine making is the only thing through which I have seen growth in my own self, my thinking, and my beliefs. It taught me a lot of things but most importantly it taught me direction, acting and how to make everyone laugh in few seconds.

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8. What according to you is the future that Video/vine making holds for people with different talents?

Vine making requires constant work and the results that one expects might not come so handy. You will not earn any money in first three years but, as the success and popularity increases, your future seems brighter. Rest a lot of things depend on luck and destiny too.

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