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She Will Remind You of POO From K3G & SHANAYA From SOTY- The 19 year old Gorgeous Youtuber and Fashionista : Muskan Chanchlani

muskan chachlani interview student stories youtuber

Muskan Chanchlani, with her amazingly talented occurrences, makes trendy YouTube videos correlated with health and beauty. She has crossed 100k subscribers in a matter of a few months. It was great getting in contact with this marvelous YouTuber. She is a brilliant performer and comes from a family of talented personalities. Her brother is also a Youtube celebrity and she is surely giving him a tough competition. Let’s explore her journey so far in the interview down below.

muskan chanchlani interview student stories youtuber fashion blogger
I am blessed to have the support of my family and friends- Muskan Chanchlani

Muskan Chachlani for Student Stories

Hey! Muskan, tell us something about your background and education.

Hey! This is Muskan Chanchlani for Student Stories. Currently, I am pursuing Bachelor’s degree in  Mass Media from KC College, Mumbai. I have a YouTube channel called Miss McBlush and it covers everything about my life, beauty and the things I love. I come from a very filmy family and I love everything Bollywood because my dad owns a multiplex. I’ve grown up paying more attention to characters like Poo from K3G and Shanaya from SOTY than to my teachers and textbooks which evidently, are a very big part of me.

What motivated you to start making videos?  What do you think has been the turning point of your career so far?

The people in my life as in my parents, my brother, my sisters and my friends have motivated me the most in everything I’ve ever done. The kind of support and confidence they show in me just makes me believe that
there is nothing I can’t do. The turning point of my career so far has been the very start of my career, the day I decided to start my channel. I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time and one day, I just decided to not wait anymore. I guess that was one of the best decisions of my life, to just start and see what life has in store.

muskan chachlani youtuber interview student stories miss mcblush
I come from a very Filmy family and I love that- Muskan Chanchlani

Tell us something about a recent experience you had till date.

Well, I can’t recollect any recent experience worth sharing but let’s go back to my school days when I had only one goal in life and that was to be someone substantial and popular. I was always performing and participating in basically anything that could keep me on the stage and help me show people who I am. From dancing center stage for annual functions when I was little to making the entire school repeat the Indian Pledge after me for our early morning assemblies at 13, to being a very hip modern Sita for a play at 15, to finally where I am today giving this interview and doing what I do best on YouTube for thousands of people to see at the age of 19, everything has left a very dramatic effect on who I am as a person.

muskan chachlani youtube celebrity interview student stories
Being Creative, Funny and Cute- Muskan Chanchlani

Having a good reputation like yours in any field is certainly not easy. What challenges have you faced till now?

I haven’t faced any challenges as such but let’s just say that with good reputation comes great expectation.

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How did your parents react when they found out about your videos? Do they support you? What is it like to have two YouTubers in a family?

My parents didn’t find out about my videos. They always knew about my love for being out there in the world. In fact, my mother is the one who gets new makeup for me to try, helps me set up new backgrounds for my videos and
my dad watches all my videos before I upload them to give me honest feedback. My mom is where all my love for beauty comes from. She’s the most beautiful lady in the world. I like to call her Dra-MAA because life would be so boring without her. My dad is my strength. He’s where my confidence, my persistence and the way I live my life comes from. I don’t want them to feel anything but pride in what I do. Having two YouTubers in the family is just normal. Ashish and I help each other a lot as well. There’s nothing different in our relationship except that we finally have something sensible and common to talk about other than movies. Some relatives call us “The Celebrity Siblings” but I’m pretty sure he loves hearing that as much as I do.

muskan chachlani youtuber interview student stories miss mcblush

What do you consider as the biggest achievement till date? Are you satisfied with what you have or are you working on something else too?

I’m very soon going to cross 100k subscribers on my channel or maybe already have by the time this interview comes out but reaching out to 1,00,000 hearts in just the first 5 months of my channel is big. I never thought I could do it but the acceptance and love that I’ve received from people in such a short time is truly a blessing! I’m currently not working on anything else because I already have a lot on my plate with my channel and college but I also think that I’m too young to be satisfied with what I have. I’ve taken every opportunity that came my way and that’s the plan for now. To keep exploring and growing. I can’t wait to see where life takes me.

What advice would you like to give to the young aspirants in this field?

The only advice I would like to give to people who want to do something in this field or in any field of their choice is to stop waiting for the right time. There is no such thing as the right time, now is the time and maybe it’s the only time you have, so just do it. Don’t care about what people are going to think. They may not like you now but they will respect you for being pink in the world of black & white. Do what you love and even if you end up doing something you don’t love, take some time out to do what you love. All the dancers, actors, singers and artists out there who are studying their brains out to be what the world wants them to be, should take some time out to dance, sing and act and do whatever you love because it is always ‘the right time’ to be YOU.

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