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India’s First Music Record Label By A 20 Year Old ! This Is The New Age Rage ! Meet Sumira Thakur

“God sent his Singers upon earth
With songs of sadness and of mirth,
That they might touch the hearts of men,
And bring them back to heaven again.”

Let’s celebrate Uniqueness! For Humans who are unique and really compassionate in an authentic way. They are not afraid to crank it up a notch everytime, life puts them in a riddle. Today we have one such extraordinary personality with us. So,welcome Sumira Thakur, a 20 year old singer pursuing her Bachelor’s in Technology in Electronics and Communication. She is crazy about music. Coming to her hobbies, she loves singing, dancing ,acting ,painting ,writing composing, traveling and photography. She says her list keeps growing actually. She  has a keen interest in music. She does not merely see music as something that is to be sung, to her it’s not limited to lyrics and melodies,  actually for her it has many aspects like a practical side and then spiritual side.

Sumira Thakur singer indian idol 9 theatre round
The Talented Indian Idol 9 Top Contestant Sumira Thakur

Some of her Achievements: She has won many youth festivals and got selected as one of the two representatives of India in The Youth Exchange Program held in Japan. One of her major achievement was when she made it to Theatre Round of Indian Idol 9.

She seems to be pretty interesting, lets learn more about her in the interview down below.

1. When did you discover a singer in you ?

I always loved singing but the idea of Bollywood playback singing never fascinated me much. So when I was 10, I came across Western music scene. I love the idea of independent artistry and performances and that’s when I fell in love with music madly. From there on, I never looked back and made up my mind that I want to rise up as a singer.

The Million Dollar Pose by Sumira Thakur

 2. Who supported you throughout your journey? Who all were the constant motivators ?

Everyone in my family has always been supportive as they have creative minds too, so they know the significance of dreams in one’s life. Though it was hard to explain my dreams to my University teachers but my mom and dad has always been my constant supporter. I seriously have the best parents in this universe.

 3. Define Sumira as an “Artist by Nature and a Learner by Will”. This sounds really interesting.

I am an “Artist by nature and a learner by will”  because I believe that artistry, ideas and creativity is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. Art is driven by nature, executing it into our own language is something that we are able to do by being a good observer and good learner. Learning and observing can only be achieved if one has the will for it. Nobody can make you learn Art and Experience things the natural way.

4. What all are your long term goals? What all are you doing to achieve them?

My long term goals are to have my own music record company for Indian artists. My company will be supporting creativity and music research centers around India. The process to achieve my goals is coming to me eventually. I am studying electronics which is helping me a lot in understanding the technical and logical aspect of music and side by side I keep on creating and experimenting various things which boosts up my creative process. I am trying to create a social media presence and also collaborating with many other worthy artists to get recognized in this industry.

Sumira Thakur social media videos challenges
Making it Big on Social Media -Sumira Thakur

5. How was your experience in Indian idol? You made it to “? The Theatre Round” and you still looking forward to give it an another shot ?

It was my first ever audition and I worked hard to reach up to that level but this show made me realize that it actually ain’t about the talent in these reality shows .These shows are commercialized shows, they don’t work the way they seem to be. First of the real audition process is highly secretive, only selected number of people know about it and these people are selected either by their number of gigs and social media presence or any other links. Then further there are 7-8 rounds after which you get to real TV  auditions. Contestants are actually selected by the off screen music directors and not by the celebrity judges. When you reach Bombay clearing all of those rounds, you are actually judged on the behalf of TRP and if you have an emotional story or a good fan base or fabulous looks you are in otherwise out . So, in short these reality shows are good for your publicity and makes you a good business person but it’s not good for your own creative growth and at least for Indian idol, I am not looking forward to it.

6. Well that was some Real Big Talk! So, let our readers know something about Sumira, apart from her musical interests.

Apart from my musical interests, I love writing and enjoy solitude. I have a philosophical approach towards life. I believe we all are energies interpreted as skin and bones via our brain and there is much more to our own selves. I have always believed in the beauty of peace and how dearly it’s presence affects us all. A calm mind is the one that grows bigger and better.

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