Success Mantra from Aditi Shastry, NID Design Aptitude Test, 2016 Topper

Aditi Shastry,after daily practice and utter dedication towards her goal became the National Institute of Design 2016 Topper. Aditi wants to take up visual communication streams which are Graphic design, Animation Film design, Film and Video design and Exhibition design further. She proves that Indian Youth is now breaking the stereotypes and are taking up there own talents to reach the heights in their career.

Author:- When did you decide to take up NID?

Aditi:-I had an artistic curve from a very young age. I decided to take up NID after my cousin introduced me to the summer workshops at NID in 2013.

Author:- There is a pre assumed inclination of parents towards engineering and medical? Did you face any such problem?

Aditi:- No. My parents supported my decision from the beginning.Aditi Shastry

Author:- Who was your mentor all along and the biggest support in cracking DAT, 2016?

Aditi:- I wouldn’t say I had one mentor. Everyone that I met, my family and my friends, they all encouraged me to do well.

Author:- How many hours did you study for your test?

Aditi:- I started studying from late December for the first phase. I would start at 9pm and study on till 1 or 2am.

Author:- What is the key to crack the exam according to you?

Aditi:- The key is clearance of thought. If you can convey your idea tothe examiner in the simplest and most clear way, you’ve done an amazing job.

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Author:- Do you need any coaching or self study is sufficient?

Aditi:- I believe that constant drawing is important, if one can practice by himself then he does not need coaching. Creativity is inherent and cannot be taught.

Author:- What type of questions do you get in exam?

Aditi:- The pattern of the exam changes every year. When I gave the test there were 30 marks for GK and 70 makes for creative aptitude.

Author:-So what did you expect of your results? Did it shock you or you were confident enough to top?

Aditi:- I was hoping to get passing marks. When I checked my result I couldn’t see if I had cleared it. Then my friend pointed out that “Aditi! Look… You’re rank 1 general category!” I couldn’t stop crying for a couple of minutes before I called my parents. I couldn’t believe it. My parents were so happy they started crying on the phone too.

Author:- What stream did you take up after getting in your dream college?

Aditi:- Yes!I’m still in foundation. We will choose our disciplines after Semester 2. I like a lot of the disciplines offered at NID. But I’m inclined toward the visual communication streams which are Graphic design, Animation Film design, Film and Video design and Exhibition design.

Author:- What is your message to students who want to tale up there talent to NID but are hesitant to?

Aditi:-  Firstly there is no harm in trying. Second, you become a very different person here. NID changes you for the better. And thirdly, the exposure and opportunities that one receives here are endless. This is quality education. Do not let this go.

Author:-How do you think Indian society reacts to design studies?

Aditi:- I don’t think society realizes out worth yet, but due to make in India campaigns I think it is a good time to become a designer. The attitude towards design students is going to change to a more respectable one. I’m hoping to see the best.

Aditi’s story by Silica.


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