16 year old Raghav combats Cancer, Scores 95.8% in ICSE examination.

A 16-year-old, Raghav Chandak student of Heritage School, Kolkata who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), triumphed over all odds by scoring 95.8% in Class 10 ICSE Boards Exam 2016. Even cancer couldn’t stop him from scoring good and proving to the world that nothing can let him down. Raghav was not even in a position to walk alone.

Raghav got help and support from all his friends, family & his teachers. He was in a hospital for a stretch of 1.5 months and attended chemotherapy sessions at regular intervals. Raghav started to study in the hospital bed as he was very dedicated and wanted to score well. The boy is highly dedicated and determined, who dreams of getting into IIT’s and is a big fan of Manchester United. This young boy is a very big inspiration to the world, that anything can be achieved if you have the zeal.

1. After the chemotherapy session which weakened your immune system, how did you get the zeal to fight ?Raghav Chandak

I always excelled in studies and wanted to do well. I didn’t let my disease come between my studies. It wasn’t easy at first as I had sessions for long hours and I felt nausea, but later on, as time passed I managed to cope up and scored well.


2. How did you manage to score 95.8%, when you attended school only for 2 months ?

At first, it was difficult but as time passed I started to cope up. My cousin Sourav studied in my class, who brought me notes and taught me stuff which wasn’t easy. Also, my parents hired a tutor for me who helped me with my studies.

3. How did you manage chemotherapy sessions and studies together?

In the beginning, I didn’t study at all, I felt nauseous and headaches. My immune system became very weak. As my health started improving I started studying two hours at a stretch and studied again.

4. What was your parent’s reaction when you decided to take the exam even after suffering from cancer ?Raghav Chandak with awards

They told me to look after my health as it was more important that time than my studies. But as my health started showing improvement they encouraged me and supported me with my decision of continuing with my studies.

5. When were you first diagnosed with cancer, did it let your morale down ?

At first, it led my morale down. But when I was explained in detail about my condition, I felt relieved. And I had hopes that I can do well and combat the disease.

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6. What was your response when you saw your results ? How did your family and teachers react to it?

My teachers and my parents were extremely proud and happy with my results. But personally, I was very disappointed as I was expecting to score more.Raghav

7. How do you feel when you see so many people getting inspired by you today?

I feel very proud and honored to be an inspiration to so many people of all age group at this age. If my story is inspiring people to fight with their diseases, nothing is more overwhelming than that.

8. Tell us something you learned from your journey when you were fighting with cancer ?

The biggest lesson that I have learned fighting with my disease is that if you have hope, you can overcome anything. And you must always stay strong and fight against everything. As if you are confident enough, nothing can let you down.5

9. What would be your advice to people suffering from such painful diseases ?

My advice to people suffering from these diseases is to stay calm and relax as once they cross the stage, they will again be leading a normal life. So always stay strong.

10. Who was your biggest support during your times of struggle ?

My biggest support during my times of struggle were my family, friends and my teachers.

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