How this girl achieved 2nd Rank in Class 12th CBSE, 2015

Mythili Mishra of Amity International School, who achieved a second rank in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) class XII exams 2015, wants to become an IAS officer. With 99 per cent marks, she is also the Uttar Pradesh state topper. Mythili wants to procure a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Political Science and then aspires to be an IAS officer. Both her parents are advocates. 17-year-old Mythili loves to paint and read.

Mythili sharing her success secret said, “I did not take much stress while preparing for the exams. It is not that I was studying throughout the day. I just sincerely studied for particular hours every day. However, I didn’t expect a result like this, but I am more than happy.”

CBSE Topper Mythili Mishra

1.How much pressure did you feel in 12th standard?

Would have told you the exact amount in pascal had I known! I think I was comparatively less tensed as compared to everyone around me, after being a seasoned nerd you skip your share of pre-board nervous breakdowns. But performance anxiety always exists, especially when everyone around you expects you to be stellar (knowing how unpredictable boards are).

2.What was your stream? Which was the toughest subject according to you?

I studied Humanities. My subjects were History, Political Science, Economics, Psychology and English. I think History was the toughest, due to the sheer volume of the course. There were three volumes of Indian history; Harappa to post-independence. But I opted for it because I thought it is an interesting subject, so that helps during the revision period misery.

Mythili with Mother

3.How many hours a day did you study?

I didn’t sit down to study with a stop-watch. The idea of counting hours and minutes is futile. My goals were more in terms of topics or chapters, that helps one focus better. And don’t believe any memes you see, no one studies for 27 hours (especially the next-door-neighbor’s laadla beta).

4.What was your aim of scoring? Did you achieve more than your aim or less?

I wanted to get into Political Science at Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University and looking at past cut offs I knew I had to get around 97.5%. This was more of a guideline. Achieved it by a huge margin, yes, thankfully.

Mythili Mishra

5.What is your success mantra?

I don’t think there’s a spell you can pick up from the Harry Potter books and expect the magic to happen. No one studies with a mantra. You just study, put all your efforts into it and work smartly. The only formula that will work is the one in your Chemistry books, the ones you have to know to do well in these exams. But they’re just exams, so no need to be so hard on ourselves.

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6. To whom do you owe your success?

I owe my success to my parents, they have been very supportive and patient of me. Also, the kind of teaching we got in our school, there was no need for joining coaching classes. I just followed the guidelines of my teachers sincerely.


Mythili’s Story covered by DNA India Report.

Mythili’s article by Financial Express.

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