Know the amazing tricks in Kho Kho game from Himani Jain, State Level Kho Kho Player

Himani Jain is quick, alert and fast. Her achievements are enough to describe her. And her smile shows the level of her confidence. She hails from Indore(M.P), currently pursuing Engineering from Acropolis Institute has carved a niche in Kho kho with her consistency and skills. She is a State level player of Kho kho, aiming for National and International feat.

Being all rounder in many sports, she has inclination towards Kho kho.

Excerpts of conversation with sweet and strong young girl.

1. Let’s take it from beginning, familiarize us with your journey as a Kho kho player?

It all started with my participation in Games organized by my School. I was fancied towards Kho Kho more as I liked the tactics and tricks of it. Soon, I was made School Sports Captain. Yes, that was my first achievement ever in that field. Then I started playing Inter-School, Clusters and nodals which improved my game to a very good extent. I realized my loopholes and corner points during that time. I got the gold medal at Clusters which boosted my confidence to take up my game at State level.

2. You excel in Kho kho and taekwondo. What are your glorious achievements till now?

Taekwondo, listening to this word I remember my initial wounds which have made me strong from inside. This helped in Kho kho even to remain tough and strong to the very end of the game. Talking about my achievements, my shelf is not full yet, it still demands for National level medal. Apart from this I have Certificates and Medals at nodals, clusters and state level specifically. There is one more achievement I would like to talk about. I am one of the favorites of my Sports teacher. Being favorite of teacher is one of the hidden motivations behind success.

3. The game requires a great amount of energy and attentiveness. How do you prepare yourself for same?

I keep a check on my diet and regular exercise. This should be the priorities as they define your stamina. Kho kho is all about remaining alert throughout the game. So, all senses must be synchronized. When I started playing, I used to run 5 kms daily in morning. This increased my muscle power and grip on my body. Now, due to tight schedule , I prefer to go gym daily and practice at college playgrounds without any excuse. The main aspect is that practice comes to your daily routine and you do it unconsciously which in fact is very profitable for long term.

4. Do you think some rules of Kho kho should be modified or introduced?

Ya, I think number of chasers must be reduced!! Jokes Apart…According to me, some fouls in Kho kho unnecessarily makes the chaser more irritated and distracted from his motive. So if possible they should be removed or modified to an extent.

5. What is your opinion about career in Kho kho?

That’s a really tricky one. Choosing Career is one of the difficult choices in the world and that too in Sports where your hard work and luck define the whole scenario. Recently, Kho kho team of England came to India. It can definitely get International Recognition in coming years.

6. What are your strengths in the game which makes you the backbone of the team?

To be honest, I am fast like a hare. So, in games where running is required, I prove to be a good competitor. Strengths are not in-built, they are developed gradually with hard work and dedication. Kho kho is not a game which requires a lot of deep understanding. It’s all about run and chase. One needs to practice a lot to master it.

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7. You are decisive and strong. Any message for fellow aspiring players?

There are people who still do not consider this game as a preferable Sport. I would like to say to Kho kho players that just overlook these sort of people. The game has emerged from our culture. If you love it, then go for it.

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