Meet this 12 year old Golfer who has won more than 100 Domestic & International Tournaments

Meet the wonder kid Shubham Jaglan who created ripples in the world of golf stunning the whole world. Winning successive world junior titles in golf at Las Vegas, this 12 year boy from rural Haryana picked up a club at the age of just 5 practicing his drive in the agricultural fields.

Winning the NDTV – Emerging Player award 2013, Margdarshan Award 2013, two of the three world championships in the US in the 2015 season and finishing sixth in a junior international event, he backed his first ever Eurporean championship with a collosal 13 strokes. Already winning over 100+ titles, this golfing star dreams of winning the US masters one day. Having Severiano Ballesteros and Gary Player as his inspirations, willing to break the most major won records of Nicklaus, he studies videos of Louis Oosthuizen for game swings. Clearly this young enthusiast knows his sport and whom to follow.
Lauding this budding Golfer’s incredible victory let’s know more about him :

Q.1: You won so many titles and awards at such a young age? How does it feels?

It feels great, but I got a lot more to achieve. I know I’m on the right track at least, I know I’m only going to win if I practice hard, and when I do, it’s like a proof of that.

Q.2: Where did you start from?

I started from my village Israna which is near Panipat, Haryana. My grandfather took me to this academy of golf which was newly released in our village. I was there only for 2 months but it was enough to get me started.

Q.3: Whom do you owe your achievements to?

Well there are many people but the major credit goes to my parents, my coach Nonita Lall, my school LAXMAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, my home club DGC and the golf foundation. All of them have helped me in different areas. And if any one of them were not there, I wouldn’t have reached here.

shubham jaglan

Q.4: How important was the prestigious Junior World Golf championship to your career?

It was very very important to me as it helped me gain a lot more confidence and much limelight too. Both of them have helped me a lot. It got me up with many facilities  and everything just got better because of that one win.

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Q.5: Talk about the time when you were put on to tougher competitions to add to your practice? How challenging it was for you?

It was not challenging at all, instead it was a lot more fun because my practice got more intense, specially my physical fitness and I enjoyed every bit of it because I knew it was only for the good and I am seeing the results also!

shubham jaglan with aamir khan

Q.6: What’s your daily routine?

I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, do a little workout. Go to school at 7. Come back at 3 and go to the golf club at about 3:30. I Come back from the club at 6, again do a little workout. Then study a bit and sleep at about 9.

Q.7: Your biggest inspiration? What encourages you the most?

I know that when I’m not doing anything, someone else somewhere in the world is working hard, that is what keeps me going.

shubham jaglan

Q.8: What are your interests/ hobbies other than playing golf? Your future goals?

I play basketball in school, and nothing else really. I just want to keep going on the track where I am right now and eventually reach to the top of the world at the youngest and as earliest as I can and keep working hard to remain there as long as I can.

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Q.9: Scoring 90 percentile in class 4 exams you are a master doing well in your academics too? How do you manage both?

My school really helps in this. As you imagine I miss a lot of school, but my teachers are very helpful, they cooperate and help me out with everything. Its a great support more than I could ever imagine.

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