Believe it or not, This Freestyle Footballer has performed in 500+ Shows across more than 20 Countries

Archis Patil, is a freestyle footballer who has performed in more than 20 countries and 500+ shows worldwide. He has been declared as the winner of India’s got talent and “Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega”. He also has a guinness world record for having the maximum number of head stall and shoulder records & has a world record for Indian Street Soccer.

Archis has also performed with Top world artist like Akcent, Alexander Stan, John Abrham and many more. Also, he is among 16 contestants in the Asian Continents and the brand ambassador of Puma. He has ample amount of achievements.

Lets know about the achievements of Archis by himself.

1. How did football happen to you ?

Football happened to me naturally. I fell in love with the game at a very young age, when I learned how to walk.

2. What would you say on having the Guinness World Book Record on maximum number of shoulder rolls and head stalls in 60 seconds.

I trained myself for the world record for 2 years almost 8 hours everyday until I was confident enough.

3. Talk about your experience on representing India in Dana and Gothia Cup in Denmark and Sweden ?

It was my first international tournament and I represented India in two different countries. The experience I got was golden, once in a lifetime kind of.

4. Any comment on PUMA as a Brand Ambassador ?

Well, representing Puma has surely been motivating as I am representing football freestyle and thereby telling people that passion can be turned into a professional lifestyle.

5. Are you satisfied with the goals achieved by you or aspire to achieve more ?

Well according to me, ups and downs are a part of life . I am still not successful. I feel, the goals I have set for myself are not on Indian standards & truly believe that learning is a never ending process and it will just lead to my own evolution.


6. How is to be addressed as the first Freestyler to be an International Judge ?

It was one of the finest benchmarks I would ever set I feel. I judged the same stage with the person who was my role model when I just began freestyle .

8. How do you feel performing in 500+ shows worldwide and being declared as a winner in most of them ?

Every show has a new experience to offer. I have had different concepts on talent shows and was different on reality shows but the message of promoting my sport was the same.

9. What would you wanna say on performing in more than 20 countries ?

Well I would just say that I have been loyal to my football freestyle and in turn it has taken me around the world.

10. What made you follow your passion and why ?

I followed my passion as it made me happy. I believe in whatever you do if it gives u happiness, its the best suited thing for your soul. Money is a distraction, follow your heart. No job is big or small.

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11. What are your future plans ?

My future plans surely revolve around starting a big football academy and spreading the culture.


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