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Seize This Opportunity And Conquer The World With SPOTLIGHT | First Event Is Happening In Tezpur, Assam on 3rd October | Are You Ready To Perform And Rock With Us ?

PERFORM, SEIZE, CONQUER ! Do these words ring any bells? Yes, absolutely, I’m talking about SPOTLIGHT– India’s biggest offline Talent Hunt. Hold your breath as the first event of SPOTLIGHT is happening on 3rd October in the  ‘City of Romance’- Tezpur. Yes! the beautiful and the grand city of Tezpur which is located in Assam’s Sonitpur district. Tezpur has tales of impressive past to tell and is filled with many attractions for tourists. Its location on the banks of mighty Brahmaputra river has resulted in the city getting zones of natural beauty and serenity. Apart from its natural splendor, Tezpur is also known for its role in development of culture and literature in Assam. Presently, it serves as a major army base and hub for education, commercial and administrative activities. our online media partner for the event is The Uncivilised Indian .

Our venue for the event is Cafe Woodbox,Tezpur. It is one of its kind concept eatery that serves juicy hamburgers with barbecued chicken and mouth watering chicken wings. Live Music will stir your soul and its ambience takes you grooving to a fusion of contemporary vintage era and that’s what Café Woodbox is all about!


We at Student Stories believe in giving artists a chance and a platform to grow and achieve their dreams. We believe that ‘Everybody in this world is a winner’. Hence we always encourage the young talent of India to stand out of the crowd. With these ideologies which has made Student Stories so successful, Mr.Shankar Kotuli and Ashish Kumar (Founders of Student Stories) and his team (Swarnim Srishti, Binee Walia, Oliva Das and Shubhra Sah) came up with the idea of ‘Spotlight’. It is an amalgamation of offline talent hunt rounds which will be organized in different cities all over India at different times. The main idea behind this is, pure promotion of talent and art and it can be in any category and to name a few music, dance, singing, poetry, innovative projects etc can be the one.  On 16th and 17th of September, we launched the event in association with the KASH Theater Group.



The best thing about Spotlight is that there are no categories. We believe there are no boundaries when it comes to talent and there should be no terms and conditions attached to it. Giving voice to the real talent is our only motive here and we want to encourage all of you who have lost that ‘voice’, to look up from your books and laptops which are pinning you down and join us in this hunt to become extraordinary.

Another best part about SPOTLIGHT is that there is no selection process or criteria at all. Yes! absolutely none, so anybody of any age group, occupation, gender or religion can come and feel free to show his/ her talent. You have to just show up and rest will be taken care of by our amazing Event Organizer OLIVA DAS and her team who are handling all the arrangements in Tezpur. Registrations are totally on the spot and you can contact Oliva for further details. Contact her on +91-8093142477. So, what are you waiting for ? Get up and seize this opportunity to conquer the world on 3rd October in Cafe Woodbox,Tezpur with your talent.

We wish you all the very best from Team Student Stories and Team Spotlight. Rock the world with your Talent !

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