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SPOTLIGHT-The Mega Talent Hunt Is Here ! Perform, Seize And Conquer | Are You Ready To Show The World What You’ve Got ?

About Student Stories

Student stories is one of a kind online portal where we celebrate and encourage talent in all it’s forms. We cover success stories from all over India. In this competitive world everybody remembers who comes first but we believe that this doesn’t make the person who came second less important. We want people to remember the talented ones, people who have a spark in them left and the ones with an X factor. ‘Student Stories’ features success stories of students across India in fields like academics, fashion, sports, social achievements, art and culture, entrepreneurship and startups and other exciting categories. We have got students covered in each and everything so they know who to look upto in a particular field and how to rise up the ladder.

All about Spotlight

This serves as an inspiration to the young minds and the most dynamic community of developing India i.e ‘The Students’. We at student stories believe in giving artists a chance and platform to grow and achieve their dreams and success. We believe that “Everybody in this world is a winner”. Hence we always encourage young talents of India to stand out of the crowd. With these ideologies which has made Student Stories so successful, Mr.Shankar Kotuli & Ashish Kumar (Founders of Student Stories) and his team ( Swarnim Srishti, Binee Walia, Oliva Das and Shubhra Sah) came up with the idea of ‘Spotlight’.

Launch of Spotlight with the team of Kash

Spotlight is an amalgamation of offline talent hunt rounds which will be organized in different cities all over India at different times. The main idea behind this is pure promotion of talent and art and it can be in any category, to name a few music, dance, singing, poetry, innovative projects etc.  On 16th and 17th of September, we launched the event in association with the KASH Theater Group. KASH is a theater group from Odisha that has amazing theater artists and actors and they all had put up an amazing show ‘Botal Arz Hai’ . This show turned out to be housefull and the audience response was really good. One of the feedback we got was “Perform this show at different parts of India, Get the message out there! Good job!“. Botal Arz Hai is a  satire on the human life these days. ‘Botal Arz Hai’ is written by Odisha Sahitya academy award winner, Suryasnata Tripathy, starring experienced and well know actors like Niteesh Pandey (from the Ghazi fame), Ved Upadhyay and Amit Sharma. We would like to thank KASH for their amazing performance which also left an impression on the entire audience from Bangalore. Overwhelmed and excited about the response we would like to have such associations in future with amazing theater groups and other platforms.

Enthusiastic poet from the audience

With our venture of Spotlight, we are sure that the art lovers and people who are related to art in anyway would get a platform to perform and work for. We start with our first event in Guwahati later this month and then we will be having our second event in Bhubaneswar. Talking about Bangalore, we wanted to create a community of art lovers, group of like-minded people who work to make art prosper in all the way possible and so our beloved city will be the next spot.

Our fellow energetic team at Lahe Lahe Bangalore

This would definitely help the youth of the country to get a correct platform which would help in their personal growth and development by giving them a platform to showcase their talent. With this we aim to get a huge number of audience in our events so that we can organize more events like Spotlight in future in association with Student Stories.


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