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We Are So Excited About This One ! Touch The Talent Is Here ! Are You Ready to Slay And Rock With Your Talent ?

Dream is an Older Version, Passion is the new era

All About Doodle and Touch The Talent

The Doodle, an event management company is organizing the biggest ‘Talent Audition’ in India. This is one of the first ever talent hub targeting creative schools, trainers, individuals, non-professionals, freelancers, independent artists etc. Despite of the selection process, the participants are still considered as part of the talent family and will be featured in their talent pages every now and then. This platform provided is highly motivated to learn, share and grow in their own field. The competition gets heavier as the participants are from different place

 Touch the talents is a growing global talent hub that provides real time opportunities to the talented ones out there. They aim is to discover and explore lot of talent from around the world. One can browse through photography, design, music videos and other categories they have as rounds of participation.You can also vote your favorite ones that are showcased on their platform.You don’t have to be a professional to be part of the talent hub. You just have to be passionate about what you want and be confident about what you have as a talent. 


  • They plan contests in all the possible fields which are creative as well as support the industries.
  • Provides freelancers with the opportunity to showcase their talents before a huge audience of people with shared interests
  • Continuously optimize online contest management processes and creates new opportunities for participants across the world.
  • Has developed unified, transparent, and efficient rules.
  • Enables the creation of original authored content
  • Encourages the participants for them to contest in the most cost cost-effective way.
Why Touch The Talent?
Touch The Talent is a place where you can showcase your talent, find new friends and followers, enhance your popularity and get the chance to win your goals by authoring content.

Touch the Talent, emerged from a college project and they initially featured many young talents on there Instagram and Facebook pages. 60 second challenge was quite popular and it was the fun part of the page. This Talent hunt might sound cliché but it is an unconventional idea. This online Talent portal is going to be one of the Biggest emerging Talent hub of India which gives access to lot of young independent and creative Talent across India. The aim of ‘Touch The Talent’ is to provide a stronger network which can bag ‘n’ number of opportunities across. When the project was in a dry run three months back they have heaped lot of talents who found it encouraging. We understood that everyone is in need of a platform to prove themselves in one point or the other. It’s an out of box experience when they were overjoyed when we mentioned them as ‘singer’ ‘dancer’ ‘artist’ and ‘photographer’.

Continuing with this, they have launched our brand new website where every participant who has registered will be featured. We have also introduced new categories such as a writing forum, which is part of an online fund raising by an NGO called ‘You and Us’. Apart from which we also have a short film contest and meme creations as well. The registration fee is absolutely minimal. The conversion of this participation will result in providing internships and professional mentorship.

Creative Audition:

If ‘Blue Whale’ is a real challenge, then we are sure you have to try their ‘talent challenge’ as well. What are you waiting for? Do not miss out the chance! Register Now!

Meet the real people, real challenges and hold the breathe to keep the stage all yours !


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