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One Man, Multiple talents! Meet the All Rounder Student And Multi-Talented Poet- Soham Senapati.


Meet Soham Samprit Senapati , a freelance writer, poet and travel  blogger . With love of artistic expression from an early age, he is sharing his poetry and illustrations with the world. Soham’s writing is rooted in the harmony of oneness and seeking of universal truth and love.He loves  reading, writing and listening to music

During his under graduation, he has won seventeen best manager fests in and around Bangalore. He has  been awarded the “All rounder Student” award from his college. He has published a poetry book and has recently launched his website. He has performed spoken word poetry in front of an audience of 6000 in an International Doctor’s conference.

He believes that he simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”

One man , Multiple achievements ! Isn’t that amazing ?

Let us have a conversation with him  where he shares much deeper about poetry !


Dressed up for work !


What are your views on the fact that emotion plays a prime role for the authors and the poets?

  I believe emotion drags the inner thought process for every author or poet. Every poem or a story has a background emotion that draws the reader to read. Writing without emotion would just be a paper with words jumbled up making no sense. Emotion play the most vital role in gathering substance for poem or a story. Readers and writers connect by the emotion being portrayed in the writing.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I generate my thoughts based on imagination and people around. My writing quirk comes from the way I observe, simplify and process them into words. I write about, love, nature, pain and society mostly.

Your work is somehow connected to love directly or indirectly. Most of the Authors or Youtubers have been writing or talking about such topics often. So, what makes your stance and views regarding it unique from others?

Five fingers aren’t the same. The way I interpret my observation and imagination will always be different than the others and so will theirs be. I have always written what I feel. Hardly, two writers have similar way of thinking about the same emotion.

We writers are a community where we portray the same emotion but in different ways and that’s what keeps us going. Some writers prefer to spread their emotion into a page full of words and some prefer to fill three lines. Every writer has his uniqueness in arranging words.

“Maybe the Sun and the Moon were never meant to be with each other “, how do such thought provoking ideas come to your mind and how do you find such a perfect metaphor or simile to beautifully portray it?

This thought had always struck me. If two people can fall in love, two atoms can be a molecule then two celestial bodies can be together too. But this thought could never be real as one lights us in day and the other reflects its light in the night. That made me to conclude, there are times when two people or atoms or heavenly bodies fall in love but due to certain circumstances cannot be with each other and we should respect those circumstances and let them be.

Can you describe the time when you first realized that poetry was something you absolutely had to do?

I had no idea, I would become a poet someday, until people told me that my writings connect to them in varied emotional levels. And in that moment I felt if one relates to even a single poem of mine and it helps him then why not? Since then I have been writing.


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How does a poem begin for you; with an idea, a form or an image?

At times its an idea or expression that comes to mind or sometimes its an image that I see or an illustration.

Is there any difference between the old age poets and the modern day young poets? What and which one do you prefer personally?

Yes, there are differences between old age and modern young poets. Usage of words, playing with them, not having restrictions of poetic languages, etc. I prefer both personally, as poets of eighteenth and nineteenth century have a way of bringing the emotion to the table. They make sure of the transitions between stanzas and flow of the poem. Poets of our generation, we prefer minimalizing usage of words while portraying the same meaning. I read both kinds.



Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference”


Mention one incident where you had to face such a situation and that made all the difference today.

The incident is still ongoing; the differences, still brewing. I have been a person who likes to do things his own way. Currently, I am trying to find my way out of the societal laws of 9-5pm job and try fulfilling my travel wishes. These differences are basic learning one needs to understand. If I had taken admission in to medical education, I wouldn’t have ever realized my poetic side.

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