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“My Mind Had Nothing To Do With It , My Soul Chose You ” – Meet The Romantic Poet And Author Of “Poetry And Pearls” ,N R Hart


Meet N R Hart , author of best seller “Poetry and Pearls” and a romantic poet . She  grew up in a large Italian family and was a quiet girl by nature. At a very early  age, she took to writing poetry and listening to music to express her feelings. She always felt different, feeling things deeply and she realized she had this innate desire to help people.  She learned later in life that she is  an empath and could sense what others are thinking and feeling. She wishes that her  poetry can be used in such a way to help and heal others. She  is a full-time writer and her plans are to publish her second poetry book which she is currently working on and to publish a romance novel in the future.

Let us have a conversation with her where she reveals her words of magic !


Is there any difference between the old age poets and the modern day young poets? What and which one do your prefer personally?

The difference would be of course, how technology has taken over every aspect of our modern world, even the poetry world. So, we as poets have adapted to this, writing modern poetry in a sense. However, the underlying message always remains the same. As with old age poets and modern day poets, love still rules and always will!

There are two sides of every coin. If “romance and love” is on one side what could you fit on the other side and why?

I would say the flip side is pain and heartbreak. But you see, romance and love, pain and heartbreak are all connected and intertwine with each other. You can’t have one without the other. Anyone that has ever been in love has also experienced some form of pain and heartbreak.

What is so vigilantly beautiful about falling in love, about devoting yourself to someone and not expecting anything in return?

Because true love in its purest form is also selfless love. Love is never selfish, it is given freely from one’s heart without expecting anything in return. Love can never be measured as it flows freely from the heart. There is no control over how much one can give to another. Loving someone has no boundaries. Love is endless.


Your work is somehow connected to love and marriage directly or indirectly . Most of the Authors or Youtubers have been writing or talking about such topics often. So,what makes your stance and views regarding it unique from others?

I would have to say that while others are writing of “love always gone wrong” I have taken the opposite approach writing about “Love gone right”. In other words, I want my poetry to shed a positive light on love. I want to be the advocate for love which is why I have been named “the romantic poet”. I want to be the voice of your heart and write about every feeling of love you have in your heart, what your heart thinks and what your heart is too afraid to say.  If I feel it, then I can only hope someone else may be feeling the same. My quote “As a writer you try to listen to what others aren’t saying and write about the silence.” There is so much happening in silence, thoughts and feelings racing through our heads, that we are unable to express. I try to find the words you are unable to speak, and I will write them for you.  My wish as a romantic poet is to let people believe in love again, that it does exist and to never give up hope, because hope is all we have.

How is Poetry and Pearls unique from any other poetry book?

My dream was to publish the most beautiful book of poetry that was romantic in every sense of the word, which is why I wanted to publish in full colour using my original floral posters for each poem. The floral backgrounds help describe the “feelings” behind each poem and give the book a beautifully aesthetic look. The book is divided into the four seasons with poetry reflective of each season because I believe our hearts have seasons too.

“ A rearrangement of atoms .. souls merging..pure chemistry” , How do these thoughts come to your mind and how do you manage to find a perfect metaphor or simile in such a beautiful way which actually makes your poems so attractive?

Sometimes the words flow and other times I am grasping for the right words. The metaphors and similes start out as a thought, feeling or emotion that I put into words in such a way that the reader will understand and relate to it. I try to present my poetry in a magical way because poetry is an escape for the reader where they can forget about their problems for a moment and find comfort. The power of poetry is that it is interpreted differently for everyone as they can apply it to their own lives.  My words do not belong to me they belong to the reader. 


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Suppose you need to propose somebody you love and you would want to dedicate a few lines to him. Mention the lines you would like to dedicate with all your heart and soul !

Putting me on the spot here! Maybe this one: “I loved you because I could be me in every way others never see.” N.R.Hart

What are your views on the fact that emotion plays a prime role for the authors and the poets?

Poetry is directly connected to our emotions. We don’t read poetry we feel it. Same as writing it. We don’t write poetry we feel it.


“She was a real romantic , she loved the moon and stars  , rain and thunder , roses and poetry , Anything alive , Anything with soul “ , why do you think nature is itself the best solution to love and romance in every way  ?

The universe and nature play a very important role in poetry because poetry is extremely “soulful” and we write of things that we feel and cannot see with the naked eye. The universe is a phenomenon that is larger than life, things we have no explanation for. The moon and stars, nature and the seasons can deeply affect a poet and their poetry. All these things that are felt from within your soul.


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