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Sneha Kapoor: The first Indian to Represent India at many International Salsa Championships

Sneha Kapoor was born and brought up in Bangalore and she studied at Sophia high school and then moved on to complete a degree in Bachelor of Arts at Mount Carmel College.
On the professional front she is popularly known as “The Indian Salsa Princess” or “SalsaSneha”, Sneha Kapoor is widely credited with putting the Indian Salsa scene on the world map. Sneha is the first Indian to represent India and win at many International Salsa Championships. Living in Mumbai, she began her career in dance with Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio in 2006. It was the beginning of a meteoric career that embraced different dance forms like Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Jive, Hip-Hop, Adagio and Bollywood etc. Passion drives Sneha to give it her best every time she puts on her dancing shoes.

Q) You are such a great dancer, tell us when was the first time it clicked that you decided to become a dancer?

A) Actually I was an athlete and a tom boy growing up! Dancing professionally happened by chance to me. I danced a little bit in school and when I was in college is when Lourd Vijay’s Dance studio (Bangalore)  approached me and asked if I wanted to dance professionally! So I gave it a shot. After a while it was when my dance partner Richard told me I had it in me to make it big as a performer, I became his dance partner, I started travelling and competing abroad and started representing India and winning these championships and  after a lot of hard work along the way I realized that dancing had chosen me!!

sneha kapoor

Q) What got you attracted towards salsa dance form?

A) I think the style can be so feminine & glamorous but at the same time strong , stylish & fast ! It allows you to do a lot of lifts and ticks and gives you the space to be creative. I think all these qualities attracted me towards Salsa as a dance form!

Q) You have won so many great awards, tell us which was the most memorable one and why?

A) Every award I have won has marked a mile stone in my life and so they all are very special to me. Each and every award has been a stepping stone to who I am and my success today!

Q) How do you maintain acting and dancing simultaneously?

A) If a project demands a lot of my time I try and work on only one project at a time be it as an actor or performer. If the schedules are flexible I find a way to manage to do both. I am a very organised person who has OCD! Lol! So I think I can manage my work pretty well!!

Q) You are so demanded in glamour industry, how do you manage your regime?

A) Honestly I don’t have a beauty regime. I try and eat at home as much as I can instead of eating outside at restaurants. I drink a lot of water everyday and when I know I have some extra time to catch up on some sleep I never skip the opportunity to give my mind and body some rest!

sneha kapoor

Q) Tell us about your rest / break you take, as you have lot of work and projects in terms of dancing.

A) When I am in between projects I make it a point to fly back to Bangalore so I can spend some time with my family, family is very important to me. It also helps to be away from the fast life in Mumbai for a some time! I catch up on movies and go out with my friends!

Q) If you are given acting or dancing as an option, which one would you choose and why?

A) I would choose acting because its something I would love to explore. I have done one film as an actor and I have loved the experience and I would love to Pursue acting as a career.

Q) You have received success at such a young age, tell us how do you feel about it?

A) I take it one day at a time. I also think that I have earned a small part of success and there is a lot more of that word to explore and achieve. But I will say it is very humbling actually and at the same time it’s a lot of responsibility to maintain the success I have achieved. There have been a lot of people who have helped me along my journey but it’s the fans/well-wishers and all of the people everywhere that have loved me and have a big hand in making me a celebrity choreographer today and it’s a responsibility for me to not let them down.

ditya and sneha

Q) Who would you say is a pillar of support in terms of realizing your dreams?

A) My family and their support has been my biggest strength. But my mother and twin sister is what drives me everyday to push the limits.

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Q) Who was your idol when you were learning dancing?

Every dancer I have watched perform live or seen on the internet, every teacher that has taught me and every student that I have taught has been an inspiration to me! Because each one of them have a special quality be it their personality, dancing skills or teaching skills that I have noticed and has helped me become the performer/choreographer and teacher I am today.

Q) What would your advise be to aspiring dancers?

A) If you wake up every morning and all you want to do is dance and create movement then you should do it. You will know if you are passionate about it if you wake up every morning to find yourself being self driven to practice and train everyday to become a better dancer and choreographer without having someone push you to do the same! It’s not an easy career path to choose. It requires a lot of time, effort, patience, dedication an talent. It won’t always be easy but if your smart, hardworking and talented you can go a long way. You will probably meet a lot of people who might discourage you or say things to you about your work that might dishearten you. Don’t let it slow you down or throw you off track. Use it as positive criticism to get better and be better. It is very important to keep training and learning so that you become versatile. Because there is so much to learn and I personally feel one lifetime is not enough!


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