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Ditya Bhande : Meet the girl who is the winner of India’s Super Dancer, Sony TV Reality Show

Ditya Bhande is the winner of TV reality show India’s Super Dancer, broadcasted at Sony Television. She won the show after rigorous practice hours. Ditya, who hails from Nalasopara, has mesmerized the judges, Shilpa Shetty, Anurag Basu and Geeta Kapoor, with some brilliant performances and acts.

An excited Ditya said about her win, “This is the best moment of my life. I am triumphal and delighted to bag the prestigious title of nation’s first Super Dancer. With the mentoring of my choreographer Ruel and the encouragement received from everyone, I am thankful to Super Dancer and Sony Entertainment Television. I am going to miss the training, Ruel sir, my friends, Shilpa ma’am, Geeta Maa, Anurag sir and everyone associated with the show.”


Author: – When was the first time you expressed your love towards dance and decided to extend it further?

Ditya: – I have loved dance forever and have never really thought about anything else. But, it was at the age of three when my I really started dancing. Hip Hop, however, I started three years back for which I am known today.

Author: – Dance speaks its own language which is expressed further by the moves and expressions we use. What does dance means to you?

Ditya: – Dance has a different meaning for different people. Some people equate it with freedom and others with happiness where as a dance for me is something that connects happiness to my soul. It is something I believe connects me to my inner self and is thereby inherent.


Author: – Every dancer has a mentor to look up to who inspires, motivates and bring fresh aims in the life of a dancer. Who do you thing, acts as your mentor?

Ditya: – Mentor is someone who gives us new aspiration every day in my life there has not been one but two mentors who aspire me daily. My mentors are Prashant Dalvi and Ruel sir, they motivated me at every point and I owe them most of the credits.

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Author:- “It’s not the end success but that one moment through the journey that brings a smile on the face.” According to the saying which moment has been your favorite moment?

Ditya: – Dance has always given me something or other to cherish within but dance gave me one extraordinary thing that I will cherish forever. It was that my dad kept his promise to come for the shoot of every episode. This is what I will cherish forever.


Author: – Dance gave you a lot based on your hard work but did it ever affect any side of your life? For example your studies?

Ditya: – At times, Yes! My studies did get affected due to my spending more time on dance practices which I believe was mandatory for that moment. But, somehow I still managed to complete my studies score good marks in exams.

Author: –How was your experience on such a huge national reality show?

Ditya: – It was amazing because that was the platform where my passion was recognized and appreciated all over the world. My hard work did pay off finally. I would ask everybody to never stop dreaming and believing in oneself because it does become reality some day.

Ditya’s article by Indian Express.

Ditya’s article by Dainik Bhaskar.

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