Story of a 19 year old boy who won the Title of Mr Teenage Fresh Face by Clean & Care

Allan Bazil Monteiro from Delhi University, is a 19 year old teenage fashion icon, model, DJ, an actor and a fashion blogger. Allan has a unique style of fashion, who has been an inspiration for a lot of youngsters. He is a professional model instructor and a groomer, who has also judged few fashion shows in different schools and colleges of different countries. He achieved the title of Mr teenage fresh face.

He is a strong believer in Christianity and highly inspired by his Mom and also has been awarded a lot of awards for his modelling career. With his dedication and faith, he has taken a staircase to success. Lets know from Allan about his journey from a Delhi teenager to a famous fashion blogger and a model.

1. Can you tell us about your blog and what inspired you to start it ?

I started this blog, so many people post their pictures on Instagram with different style statement. But they don’t know actually which style suits them so I plan to make this blog on fashion and styling because fashion is everywhere in everything but which fashion style statement suits you it’s matter a lot. So that’s inspired me to start the style statement fashion blog.

2. What do you think about fashion ? Is it only defined by buying branded clothes ?

For me Fashion is the way you represent yourself by a style statement. It doesn’t matter whether you buy a shirt from a UCB or buy a shirt from a local store. But the thing which matter is how you carry your outfit. Some people think only buying branded stuff make them look stylish. But it’s just a myth that doesn’t matter you wear a branded or a local product. All that matters is how confidently you carry yourself and your outfit with attitude and a confidence. Also the way you represent yourself matters alot.

3. When did you achieve the title of Mr teenage fresh face ?

I achieved this title from Clean & Clear at the age of 18 in 2015. This was a very big and a proud thing for me at such a young age.

4. How did you manage to become a model at such a young age ?

It’s very hard to manage being local Delhi teenager and other side being a fashion blogger, and a model. But everything can be managed if you truly desire to achieve something.

5. You have a lot of followers on instagram, how did you do this ? Was there ever a time you had one follower? How did you get more ?

According to me, to become popoular on Instagram, Facebook or any other social networking site, it is very important to upload fine pictures with your best outfit and good location and also your confidence. As, people love to follow your style and everybody loves the pictures that appeals the eye. So it is my advice that post 3 to 4 pic everyday, if you wish to get more followers.

6. Talk about the people who inspired you to reach this stage. Did you get the support from your family ?

My mom and my sister inspired me a lot in every phase of my life. And I am nothing without my family and my friends. They have always supported me through thick and thin. I am very lucky to have Aashu, Aditya and Kanchan. They are my backbone, I am nothing without them.

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7. Is there a person who is fashion inspiration to you ?

Mr Marianodivaio is my biggest fashion inspiration as he has inspired me a lot to become what I am today. He has always given me fashion tips and I am grateful to him for that.

8. What is the biggest tip you have for anyone wanting to have a fashion blog and why ?

According to me, being inspired by someone and being copied are two different things. So I would recommend that make your own Identity by your own style. Try to find some good stuff branded or local wear.  Click in it and post it. But be representable confident and carry every outfit comfortably always and remember when ever you go out or take a picture you should look good. It doesn’t matter where you are and only post fine and quality pictures that’s make you a fashion inspiration for others.

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