Shruti Jain : The girl who won the Title of Miss India Subcontinent,2016

Shruti Jain, a student of Dental surgery from ITS CDSR and now is interning with the college itself. She won the title of Miss India Subcontinent ’16 by Glambird Entertainment and also started fashion blogging which gave a pump to her popularity, confidence and dreams. Shruti believes in positivity and hard work which according to her can make anybody reach the goal.

shruti jain

1.What inspired you to become a fashion blogger?

For me dressing up was the favorite part of the day !! Not long before that, I thought of doing something like this. But what happened was whenever I used to go out for a party or any gathering a lot of people did ask me about how I styled myself. My answers never included big branded names. My outfits were simple yet fetchable by most of the students especially! This made me feel I can guide people dress up and after all I like doing it! Thereby I started with Instagram a few months back.

2.What does “fashion” means to you?

Fashion is an art. There are different versions of it to different individuals! For some, it’s superficial attraction, for some its comfort, for some it is the ongoing trend. For me, it is more than all the above.

Shruti Jain

3.Can anybody create their own fashion statement?

Of course yes !! What is a fashion statement? It’s the way you define fashion so anybody can define it in his own terms! All it requires is a little confidence and yes lots of charm !! (laughs)

4.How much time does it require to choose the next outfit?

To choose the next outfit !! Umm, sometimes I start a night before, you know when the next day is quite anticipated! Well and sometimes it takes a minute. I will tell you what once a person has understood what his or her body type is and what looks better on it, deciding an outfit becomes easier.


5.What are the key factors in the outfit of a person that define him or her?

Key factors !! First and foremost, as I just said is the body type of the person. Secondly, the person’s comfort zone. What’s the point when you are wearing a marvelous dress and not comfortable in it! But it doesn’t even mean that wearing an oversized sweatshirt (which I am just so comfortable in) to a nice party is a good idea !! Every place every event requires a dress code which we should know.

Shruti Jain

6.Fashion changes at a faster pace do you think it changes and repeats itself? Why?

The past is never gone in fact it’s not even the past, it stays with us just a line beneath. ‘Old-fashioned ‘ is just a term used by people who adapts to new and trendy clothes as they see, they are the same people who wear the same fashion which they thought was old-fashioned because they are in trend again!So what goes, comes back and we love it all the more.

7.Who has been your mentor in choosing varied fields?You have been a dentist, a fashion enthusiast and also won a beauty pageant (Miss India Sub Continent’16)

I have always been an optimist in life and my family really supports me in building this state of mind. Positivity has been my mentor for everything that I have achieved.We have been told to out stand our classroom as a child, behave as well as learn as a teenager, and now a fabulous daughter and an adorable beloved of a man. Tomorrow a multitasking master ( mom ) !! That’s what I call my mom !! When humans are meant to multitask, why shouldn’t we add the task of our interest and build ourselves in every which way possible!! So here I am making my family proud being a dentist, learning womanhood a through beauty pageant and being a fashion enthusiast!
Shruti Jain

8.Any message or tip for the fashion following youth?

Today’s youth!Please stop being unhappy about your real life by seeing someone else’s social media content. There is so much outside of it.
Be reckless be wild, don’t stop growing up. The sun is shining and so are you!(Song that charges me up)

9. What do you think is the most popular fashion in India?  

I don’t think anything can replace Bollywood in India regarding fashion !! People follow what they see on the screen! Films are one of the greatest means to leave a message to the people.
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