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This 23 Year Old Story Teller Is Ruling Hearts With His Mesmerizing Stories and Magnificent Little Shayaris !!


“Logo ne toh yuhi andhere ko badman kar

rakha hai,

yeh toh bas raat hi hai jab taare chamakte


There are a very handful amount of people who are able to speak off their hearts and connect to everyones’ minds with magical words; Well, Amandeep Singh is one of them. The immensely talented Amandeep started doing poetry and elocution at a very early age and now he is reigning hearts  with his mind blowing shayaris  and short stories. Amandeep Singh, who passed out from KIIT last year was an extra ordinary anchor and has always been a favourite of all, like he is now!!! With more than 68 lakh views in his videos he has gained huge popularity and love in this field. His Stories titled ” MUJHE TUMSE PYAAR NAHI”, “KAISE LIKHU TUM PAR KUCH”, “IMANDAARI KI TIKIA” are worth watching…. Let us peep into the life of this blooming youngster and know about the source of his creativity!!!

The ever so happy, Meet AMANDEEP SINGH !!

In conversation with Amandeep:

When did you discover the creative Aman in you?

A: Well…saying so, I started doing poetry when I was in Nursery, I used to take part in elocution but then later eight months back from now, when I was in Hyderabad and I started doing Open Mics, I realized that I can take it up as a part time or may be as a full time in the coming time. So,that’s how it started.

 How do you manage to make your each story so attractive?

A: See what actually happens is when I go and perform, there is a part of me in the particular piece that I have written. It is not only a piece or a collection of words but a feeling that I have imbibed in that and when I go and perform for that particular duration, may be a two minutes show or a half an hour show, I make sure that I live those feelings again. So that’s how I do it.

Do you get nervous thinking about your performances on Stage?

A: Yeah yeah!! I do, I actually do and that is a good sign; because what I feel is, the day I’ll stop feeling those butterflies, the love of mine for the particular thing will reduce. I strongly believe that every time you go and perform something which you love so much and have passion for about, it makes you nervous and that is a positive sign, you should get a bit nervous because that is when the consciousness comes up and you start taking precautions so that nothing goes wrong on stage.

Sharing an Experience- Amandeep Singh

What do you exactly love writing the most… Poetry, shayaries or stories?

A: See, there isn’t anything in particular, it just depends on the mood. Actually, it depends on what I want to write or share, if it’s a story that I’ve gone through or have seen and realized that it’s worth sharing, I give it a story format. There are these pretty normal things that we cannot put into stories, it only comes out as poems, it depends on what you want to convey and which is the best mode to convey. When it comes to love, it should have those rhymes, shayaris and those unrealistic Shah Rukh Khan kind of words, that happens.

What are your hobbies other then writing ,Personally what kind of stories do you love reading?

A: I love travelling, just random travelling. I just take up my bike and start travelling without any direction and stop at any random place. Even now I catch a train and stop at some random station, sit there and enjoy chatting with people. I love meeting new people, doing pranks precisely!!


Telling a story among his audience, living another new life!

What are your future plans?

A: Well, this is the most…actually the toughest question you can ask someone, precisely an engineer. There is nothing in certain; I’ll like to share a very small experience of mine, it was about twelve months back from now, when I was in Istanbul airport…I met a random Punjabi guy over there, I was feeling dead as I had to wait for five long hours. Now we Punjabis have this thing  of greeting each other wherever we find each other. He started talking and asked this particular question, so as a very funky fourth year old college guy, I told him that, “Sir, I don’t know what I want to do in life, but I know what I don’t want to do in life.” He smiled and patted my shoulder saying, “There are two ways to answer something, either you know the right answer or if you don’t know the right answer, you start deleting the wrong answers.” So right now, I am in the deleting process. I actually don’t know what I want to do, but I know what I don’t want to do. So I am just trying to remove the things I don’t want to do, then finally I’ll figure out what I want to do.

What will you advise youths aspiring to be in this field?

A: All I would say is just, if you want to write, then just write. Go out there, try yourself in Open Mics. May be whatever you wrote in the back of your diary and thought it was nothing, can turn out to be the best poetry anyone could have ever heard of. So, just go out  and try your luck out. So that you don’t have regrets that you didn’t try, may be  if you would’ve tried, it could’ve worked. So lets go, try and see if it works.


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Are all your stories based on the incidents that you have personally experienced?

A: Hahaha!!There is a thing with my work…I never share the secret behind my work. It’s a very simple thought that works, I mean like… if a magician reveals the secret of his magic, people will stop believing in magic. So that’s all, I share the stories or poetry with everyone and now its up to you on how are going to assume it; whether you want to consider it as a hypothetical one or a true one completely depends on you!!

Tell us something about your college life and life after college?

A: See college life has its own perks and disadvantages as well , because when you are in college you are free to do everything but for everything there is a limit; you are restricted till a certain area, after which you cannot grow more. But when you come down to the real world or the corporate world, which I am in right now, I have my job along with my passion. So the job restricts a part of me but there is no limit till where I can go. In college I would have only counted on a number of friends or a number of juniors or my college mates who would have seen my videos recommended but now I am at a professional platform; there is a wide audience, there is you tube, there are people all around the Earth who can come up and see my videos and give me reviews. So,this is the basic difference between the two lifestyles.

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