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Her Amazing Poetry Is Creating A Buzz Among Youngsters And Teens | Singer And Poet- Dr. Rakhi Sharma


Poetry is created from the soul, it feeds on your emotions and squeezes out every ounce of creativity from your delicate bones. It cannot be summed up or critiqued in a few short words. It’s a strong desire that remains embedded deep down in our heart; unless we discover it or someone pulls out that beauty from within.

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”

Rakhi, a 24 year old Junior doctor from Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh is famous for her voice and poetry. She is a blogger, poet and singer and also a University Topper.

She is fond of music since childhood and her hobbies includes making greeting cards, serving and helping needy.Her poems are very much liked by teenagers.

When asked about her poems she said” I just express what I feel deep inside my heart. I think many people are going through same situation so they are finding it interesting” . 

DR. Rakhi Sharma
DR. Rakhi Sharma

In Conversation With Dr. Rakhi –

1. Tell our readers about Rakhi as ” poet and singer by passion and doctor by choice”.

I was fond of writing poem Since childhood because of my dad and grandmother. But  I wasn’t much matured at that time. But few incidence happens in my life and I was completely shattered and was full of remorse. I was very depressed and started writing daily diary. Few days later I started writing my pain in form of words so eventually turned out to be a poet. My first poem was “tere alfaz ki gaharayi mein doob jaaun kabhi to zindagi haseen hogi”

Talking about being a doctor, My dad wanted me to become a doctor and also I was very much concerned about people’s pain and sorrows.

2. When did you inculcate the singer and poet in you.

Singing is in my soul. To be very honest,  I could survive only because of music and my poetry. When nobody stands with you, you are left with your talent. I think music fills my dark life with joy and happiness.

I don’t know whether I can become a renowned singer and poet or not but people do encourage me. Their comments boost me up with joy and give me a ray of hope to write about my feelings.

3. You have written so many poems . Few lines for the favorite one of yours.

“Zindagi naa Jane kyon itne gham deti hai..
Jab bhi deti hai khushiyan.. Thodi kam deti hai..
Nikal padate hain, meri aankhon se tere naam ke aansoo 
Tere naam ke saath, har dafa.. Ik naya jakhm deti hai..
Zindagi Na Jaane Kyun itna gham deti hai..

Jab bhi deti hai khushiyan.. Thodi kam deti hai..
Haan… Kam deti hai”

4.Given an option to make a career in singing over doctor. What will you opt?

Yes definitely, I will certainly opt for music. Because what I feel like people needs a doctor who can treat them with music and love :p

Dr. Rakhi posing out with Friend


5.Do you believe in shortcuts? What is your key to success?

I don’t believe in achieving success by applying shortcuts. Being a doctor itself needs a lot of patience and hard work. Definitely everyone loves the taste of success but for me it is not the case. I really worked hard and gave my 100% efforts for this.

6.Which singer do you follow? What genre of music you basically likes.

I love to hear Lata ji, Sonu ji and shreya ji . As such no specific genre I like to listen on repeat mode but I definitely  love to sing sad and slow songs with variations..

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7. Few words for our readers out there.

I want to listen everyone who want to talk with me. I would like to know about their own life and troubles. A normal physician has no such type of patience to hear everything. I want to be a pain killer of those people who had been suffered via different types of torture and want to make them relief from their pain. At last I just wanna say that listen to your heart and others’ too. Be happy always, stay blessed and keep rocking.

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