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ShoutMeLoud’s Harsh Agrawal On How He Became a Millionaire Blogger Who Works From Home

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to quit your 9-to-5 job and start working for yourself? Have you dreamt of becoming a blogger and earn by working from your dining table? Are you one of those who have a passion for blogging, but do not know how to use those skills to start earning? If you nodded a yes to any of those questions, we believe you will find great inspiration in Harsh Agrawal’s journey of becoming a professional blogger.

After graduating in engineering , Harsh set up his blog called He learnt the skills required to make the blog successful on his own and gradually built healthy traffic to his website.

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In his latest income report for the month, Harsh mentions that he made 1 Million INR from his blog network. He wrote a complete breakdown of how he used various channels like advertisements, affiliate programs and other services to earn more than $16000 in a month.

In Talks with Harsh Aggrawal

1.What has been the most fulfilling part of your journey with ShoutMeLoud?

Harsh: If I have to say one thing, that would be “It made me discover myself” else I would have been working for a big company from 9-6 and living somebody else’s life.

2.What was the toughest part to learn about blogging?

I remember, there used to be a blog by an Indian blogger name Mani Karthik who used to share great tips on SEO. For first few months, I spent reading his blog (It’s no more on the internet) & many other blogs that were about blogging & online marketing. This is the same thing I recommend to all the young bloggers; spend your initial days sharpening your skills, rather than getting worried that their blog is not growing.

3.Why did you choose to blog about blogging? Why that particular theme?

HarshI started ShoutMeLoud as a technology blog. Back in those days there were very few blogs in the blogging & WordPress theme, and most of my time was utilized to find a solution for any queries related to blogging, WordPress, and SEO. I started documenting those unique findings as a blog post, and later they started becoming more popular among readers. The shift happened gradually and from a hardcore tech blog, it become an A-Z solution of blogging.

4.What is your Life Mantra?

One of my mantra of life is “Never take advice from someone who have not walked into my shoes or been into the similar situation”.

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5.Share your work-from-home experiences with us.

Harsh Aggarwal Blog
Harsh Aggarwal

After first few years, many of my known people recommended to have an office, which would help to grow the business. I can’t deny the importance of having an in-house team, but I couldn’t keep up with going to the office.  I have a home-office & this is where I do all my activities. When it gets monotonous, me any my team go out to do fun stuff.

6.Have there been times when you regretted taking the decision to opt this as your career? How did you shake yourself off from it?

That was only when I lost traffic due to Google panda penalty. I was depressed as I was unsure how the future will unfold. I’m happy that I didn’t lost the focus back then.

7.Any message for our readers and aspiring Bloggers out their?

Harsh: Keep following your passion. Thrive to experience things which help you to excel in life. Be the limitless

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