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RJ Abhinav Shares the Secret of his Coolness on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

Abhinav Chand or (as the entire world knows him as RJ Abhinav) is someone who we hear daily while driving in car or at home while listening to Radio. RJ Abhinav as only few would be knowing is a graduated student of Btech Computer Science. He has an experience of 5 years in theater and has also given a lot of theatrical performances in Delhi. But, his recent trending talent are the hilarious vine he makes on Facebook. Here are the few questions straight fromm our RJ Abhinav himself:-

1.You are one of the most loved vine maker in the country. How does it feel?

If I could be a WINE maker, people would have loved me more… but anyways. It’s fun! I feel so happy at times. At times I feel I am lucky, when you see so many people appreciating your work. Whenever I am in a bad mood, I just read the comments on my videos. It makes me feel even worse(kidding, happy it is!).

RJ Abhinav

2. What do you think is essential to be a popular vine/ video maker like your tricks or constant dedication?

Take 2 tablespoon of vanilla essence, 2 bowl of Besan, mix with butter…. okay, joke over! There is no trick. I feel it’s like any other work you do. Like a sport? The more you practice, the better you get day by day. Respect every Like you get on your post/video. Even if you get a single like. If you get zero likes,then that’s a problem! In that case, make a fake id, and like it ,Problem solved!

3. What is your message for the upcoming vine maker. What are the tips that you would want to share with them?

Please go ahead and START. That’s the only hurdle I faced. JUST START. The audience will reward you.

rj abhinav

4. Video making is not a parents cup of tea. How did your parents react to your decision to be a vlogger?

They laugh! They laugh like crazy! Not on my videos, but thinking Isey humne isliye padhaya likhaya aur itna bada kiya tha?? Galat hi fees waste ki school college mein. lol. My parents are the most supportive parents of this Galaxy?? Maybe yes! They call my elder brother or sister in law,to show them all my new videos. This happens once a month, religiously.

5. There are various hilarious stories that we come across time to time on your page. Does it require a lot of effort to pen down the humor?

Not really! Mostly, they are my daily observations or my childhood experiences. And I do a show on Radio Mirchi almost everyday so at times, I try my jokes on Radio and then sketch them into videos.

6. Who inspired you to build such a tremendous Facebook Page?

More than inspired, it was forced. When I started doing my show on radio, so every RJ was supposed to make his/her Facebook page. My super boss, Akash, he used to ask me daily or maybe 100 times a day “Have you made your FB page?”. Finally I made one and then started uploading videos. Out of my first 30 posts, nothing worked. But that 31st video, it got some 1000 shares. And that’s when it actually started.


7. Who was most supportive in your journey?

My camera and my laptop. They never ditched me.

8. What is the one thing that Vine making taught you?

When in the comments section you read a comment, “Hey i was going through a bad day was scrolling my timeline and your video made me laugh so loud“. Spreading smiles to the world, is what I have learnt.

9. What according to you is the future that vine making holds for people with different talents?

With such smooth 3G/4G services coming in people have started consuming videos more than any other multimedia. I feel, the future of entertainment is Internet. And if you have talent and a camera phone then I think, you are the most powerful person, right now! Even powerful than Donald Trump!

RJ Abhinav facebook page 

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