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Balraj Singh Khera shares Interesting Facts which helped him to win MTV Roadies X4

Balraj Singh Khera, from Khadoor Sahib in Punjab, conquered his fears, which eventually led him to emerge as the winner at MTV Roadies X4. He belongs from a rural background, where it is very difficult for people to achieve such greater heights. Still Balraj managed to do so with his hard work, dedication and beliefs. Initial stages of his life, he had no interest in his education. But eventually as he realized its importance, he continued his education. He has struggled a lot in life, and achieved it.

1. How did you come up with choosing Roadies and not other shows as a platform to showcase your talent ?

Roadie is youth based show having too much fan following , this show broadcasts in many languages and 15 countries. It was good platform to show something great which can make and inspire the youth. As it is said
” Do before you die ”

2. What are your views about female contestants taking part in reality shows like roadies ?

Girls who take part in roadies are extraordinary girls. They are not robots as people merely think of them to be.
Girls are more courageous, stronger mentally and their confidence level is the best as it helps them to grow. They are an inspiration to the women in the country.


3. Were you let down by the fact initially that you belong to a rural background and people might not accept you as a competition ?

I am blessed with great spirit and courage & have seen a lot of ups and downs in my life. But I have never lost hope as people start from nothing and reach to great heights. I was the only competition for everyone, regardless of this fact, I respect everyone. Also I believe, no one can let you down, until you let them do so. Belonging to rural town doesn’t mean you are not capable.

4. Did you get the lead roles in Punjabi movies as you desired, after bagging the title of Mr Punjab ?

Frankly speaking no I did not. Once I did caste in second lead for one of the punjabi movie. I went for the shooting and the second day, the director asked me to leave as the other actor was insecure. And so my dreams were shattered. But I learnt from it and moved on. And a better opportunity of Roadies came my way.

balraj in mtv roadies
credits : MTV

5. Who do you owe your success to ? Who supported you all along to go on ?

I would owe my success to all the people who taught me all this while including my parents, my teachers, my coach and my sister. They have taught me to learnt with my failures and supported me throughout. Also, I would like to give a big thanks to the people of Jalandhar for their immense support.

6. What was the reaction of the people in your town, when you won the title of MTV Roadies X4 ?

The people of my town were very proud. They always said they wanted to become like me. But I asked them to be themselves, not follow anyone and be better than me. As it spoils their potential and capabilities. Instead, they should follow their passion.

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7. Talk about the social work that you have been doing for the NGO.

Social work is in my blood. We have started a SMILE FOUNDATION where me and my brother, Jagdeep do a lot of things for poor people. We even started a mission to clean Jalandhar by painting walls, decorating roads and creating awareness camps & planned to open up a game changers football club in the near future, for children to showcase their talents.

8. What are your future plans? Do you aim to try for bollywood, having a passion for acting ?

Right now, I am enjoying my present. I have brilliant acting skills, which I hope that I will be able to prove one day by god’s grace. Great things takes time.

9. What are you addressed as a fitness entrepreneur ?

I have opened up a gym, named FITNESS FREAK, where we provide home training services. We have the best faculty in our gym. We love to heal our clients. Two famous people Fateh Singh who played world shooting games and Dushyant, who played in world chess championship were our clients. We have healed a lot of people with NLP and hypnosis.

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