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From A Receptionist In a Gym to Becoming India’s Wonder Woman ! Meet Priya Sodhi- Miss. Physique 2016, Jerai & Reebok Female Athlete !


“When I lost all my Excuses , I found all my Results”

                                                                                Priya Sodhi


Winter is here and like always we make big plans to join gym to get back into shape. But how many of us actually follow it? And if at all we hit the gym how many of us continue it religiously. Like everyone else in just a matter of day or two, we loose the momentum due to lack of motivation. Today we bring you an Indian Wonder Woman of Instagram which will not only inspire you to the core but also break all the feminine stereotypes.

Priya Sodhi who was born on 28th November hails from Adipur city of Gujarat. She was born and raised in Gujarat in a Punjabi Family where her father always treated her like a son. She had went through tough times during her childhood days. But as we know tough times don’t last long for all, the story of Priya also took a turn. This beautiful fitness queen is The Fitex 2016 winner. A JERAI & Reebok Athlete and has won various fitness competitions like Jerai and Fit factor regionals. She’s truly an Inspiration for others, the way she outlawed the struggling days and went on with her track of success and is still continuing with her hard work. Let’s have a look at this gorgeous fitness diva, Priya Sodhi.

priya sodhi india's female athlete fitness body building jeria reebok athlete interview ss


In conversation with Priya Sodhi :

1. Priya, you chose your life to be a different one from what usually girls do. Which things deviated your mind to become a fitness freak?

I grew up as a single child and my father always taught me to be tough. He always treated me like a son. I dropped my studies in 10th standard to take care of my younger brother and sister because I never wanted to put burden on my dad regarding all the kitchen and domestic work. Lately, I completed my studies and although I am from a sports background since my school days, I never even thought that I will be in fitness or gym field some day as I always used to hate gym and indoor activities.

But tough times made me do job as a receptionist in a gym where, I thought of applying as a fitness instructor, but I couldn’t pass my interview for the trainer as I was too skinny and weighed just 40 kgs. Slowly I started doing workout in my off duty time and I started gaining lean muscles and now here I am today.

2. Inspiration plays a very important role in achieving anything we want to. Whom are you inspired by the most?

My biggest motivation is no one because I just want to change myself for myself and all by myself. I have never been inspired to follow someone and then bring those changes in myself. I live all by myself.


priya sodhi india's female athlete fitness body building jeria reebok athlete interview ss
Jerai Fitness Model – Team India

3. Winning so many prestigious titles comes from constant efforts and discipline. How do you manage your daily routine?

I am very strict with myself during my preparation time and I become a total foodie during my off season. I manage my home, my meals, job, my workout, costume designing for female athletes all by myself. I don’t like to sit idle.


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4. A normal girl changing into a celebrity. How do you feel about that?

Normal girl into a celebrity, well! I still don’t feel like a celebrity, I am still that normal girl who is still doing a job, cooking meal for family, hanging out with college friends. And I always help people with no cost, those who really want to step into the fitness industry.


priya sodhi india's female athlete fitness body building jeria reebok athlete interview ss
The Ms. Physique fitness girl, Priya Sodhi

5. Priya, how your parents reacted after knowing that you have some different plans for your career?

My dad came to know about my fitness modeling after 1 and half year, and his reaction on my bikini picture was quite normal. And now he supports me in my sport. He has always been there for me and my family supports me completely and we are each other’s strength.

6. Coming from Gujarat and following a strict diet plan seems to be an impossible thing. How do you control yourself from eating all that spicy food?

Born and bought in Gujarat and being from a Punjabi family, food is very special and close part of my life. I used to eat lots of spicy and hot dishes during my college days, every worst junk possible. But when it came to my profession and passion I chose a different lifestyle. I struggled a lot while starting my journey, and it’s the story of every bodybuilder and model. Bodybuilding is the most costly sport but still me and every body builder loves to play it.


priya sodhi india's female athlete fitness body building jeria reebok athlete interview ss
Priya posing for the Fit Factor regional which she won.

7. Priya, any message to all the youngsters out there who are willing to pursue their career in bodybuilding.

Just one thing I want to say to all the youngsters and I say the same to my younger brother and sister-

“Always do what your heart says, No need to follow dreams because dreams are countless
Just listen to your heart”


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