AIR 1 In CLAT 2017! Know Rajat Maloo’s SUCCESS MANTRAS To Ace The CLAT Exam

rajat maloo clat preparation strategies

Rajat Maloo, from Jayshree Periwal High School, Jaipur did not only crack CLAT 2017 examinations, but also showed his excellence by getting an All India rank of 1st in it! Here he talks about his diligence and the mantras he followed to attain such an exceptional feat!

Read on his interview :

Q) Was cracking this examination always in your mind?

A)Last year I took a drop for CLAT. From the very beginning, I was determined to crack this exam. I was aware of my weaknesses and wanted to improve up on them.

Q) Did you ever imagine that you will top this exam?

A) I imagined of getting a single digit rank. But getting first rank was not in my mind at all. When I came to know the scores and got to know that I am holding number 1 rank all over India, I was shocked. It was a pleasant surprise. But it took a lot of time to sink in.

Q) Did you prepare yourself mentally for such a diligent task?

A) I always dreamt of achieving this and so I guess I was completely prepared.

Q) The response and sudden attention you received from all over felt really overwhelming or were you prepared for this too?

A) No! All my friends and relatives called and this was amazing thing. I thanked all who supported me in this journey, specially my parents.

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Q) Tell  us about your preparation regime?

A)I prepared for G.K. for most of the times as it was my weakness and I knew it. Later, I turned it into my strength. Other than G.K., I also prepared for every other subject. For English, I improved my vocabulary a lot by reading newspapers regularly. It also helped me with the GK section. For legal, I solved the past year papers. My maths and reasoning were already good, so I didn’t prepare for them much and just practiced.

Q) Did you take breaks from your study hours? What did you do for refreshments?

A) I took breaks from my study hours and played guitar and badminton.

Q) Whom do you credit this success to?

A) I credit my success to my parents and grandparents. I also thank my teachers Navneet Singh sir at Lawprep Jaipur and every other teacher there.


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Q) What would you want to say to students who have not been successful this time?

A) Take a drop if you think you didn’t get enough time to prepare for CLAT and you could do much better. Otherwise, this is just a part of life, if you are hard working and dedicated, you can do a lot in life.

Q) Advice for CLAT aspirants?

A) Solve a lot of mocks and don’t lose hope when you don’t get good scores. Stay away from distractions such as social media and other things which waste time and rather spend this time playing a sport. And during the exam be really calm and confident.

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