AIR 2nd In JEE Advanced 2017, Akshat Chugh Says “Have the right kind of strategy and manage the resources well”

Akshat Chugh, from Pune, is among the JEE Advanced topper 2017. After, having scored an All India rank of 7 in JEE Main 2017, he went on to grab the All India Rank 2 in JEE Advanced exam. He attributes his success to two years of focused and strategic preparation as well as the mentors at his coaching institute. His mantra for success is to stay focused on the goal, have the right kind of strategy and manage the resources well.

“It is important that you have a clear strategy. The more important thing than that is to follow it.”

1.How does it feel to be among the toppers from one of the toughest and the most sought after exams by the students?

I was expecting to be among the toppers as after the declaration of the answer key; the coaching institute had compiled it and they had calculated the marks. After the declaration of the bonus marks, I was a bit tense, though I had got the questions right.  I am extremely happy after securing the second rank. I had scored 335 marks in JEE Advanced.

2. When did you begin to think about cracking the JEE Exam?

I was always interested in studying Mathematics and Physics. Most importantly I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to study in the best institutes and it’s a dream come true to be able to do so.

3. How did you initially begin your process of preparing for the exam?

I started studying in class 9 and 10 itself but it was only when I was in class 11 that I  decided to seriously pursue engineering as a career, therefore, it was important that I crack the JEE exam. As far as preparation is concerned, after school hours, I used to attend the classes at my coaching institute for three hours. Once, I returned from the coaching institute, I used to do self- study and every night I would study for at least one hour.

Akshat Chugh IIT 2 AIR

4. Was there any change in the strategy of preparation between the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced?

Since there was only one and a half month left for the JEE Advanced after I gave the JEE Main 2017 exam, I used to attend classes at my coaching center for at least six hours per day. In addition, I spent whatever time I got in self-study. I used to do the assignments that were given to me at the coaching institute.

5. Which were the books you used and what is your thinking upon the regular sample papers as well as mock tests to be solved by the aspirant of the exam?

I studied from all the standard books for JEE Advanced. There are no special text books otherwise. The syllabus is the same; just a slight difference in the approach is needed. We solved the question papers all throughout the year while preparing for both JEE Main and JEE Advanced.  Solving sample papers help you to analyze your weak areas. It is important to solve the mock question papers throughout your preparation.

air 2nd jee akshat chugh

6. Students take high pressure with their CBSE Boards preparation whereas this exam is even tough, therefore, de-stressing becomes an important mechanism. How did you de-stress?

At the time of preparation, it is important to take a break to de-stress but it is vital not to lose focus.  One can get addicted to breaks if one is not careful. My hobbies included reading. I used to watch T.V Shows and sports channels. However, during my JEE preparation, I could not pursue my hobby completely.


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7. How was the exam paper and what would you comment on the calculation schemes of the same?

I would have got 14 marks less if there was no partial marking. In JEE Advanced 2017, Chemistry was the toughest and Maths was the easiest. The most important thing is to manage the time while writing the JEE Advanced exam. One should decide beforehand and accordingly attempt the questions on the exam day. Stress on the strong points and develop them more. Do not discuss anything with anyone in the time between paper 1 and paper 2 during the exam.

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