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She Is A Deadly Combination Of Beauty & Brains ! Meet the Actor, Blogger, Muser & Engineer : Preethi Raj

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It is not unusual to witness millions of youngsters capable of performing well in diverse genres, probably now this is the ‘ERA OF INTERNET’. Youngsters are not found in libraries or coffee shops reading books and having fun with friends but rather can be witnessed more on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Blogpost etc. However, the young soul about whom this article is about is different from many of her age as she is not living the Internet Life rather she is making the best out of it. Preethi Raj who is an Actor, Muser and a successful Blogger is currently an Engineering student who aspires to augment success in the Engineering realm as well. Certainly, her mere self is what everybody should learn from. Let’s cut to the chase and hear her views in the amazing interview down below.

blogger preethi raj happy soul interview student stories
A happy soul- Preethi Raj

In conversation with Preethi Raj :

Its good having you here. Tell us more about your family and educational background.

It’s my pleasure being part of Student Stories. Talking about my family, I belong to a very simple, middle-class family. My parents are the best I could have asked for, they are my biggest support system. I have an elder brother and sister. Brother is a prankster but absolutely lovable and adorable. I’m currently pursuing 2nd year of engineering In G.Narayanamma Institute of Science and Technology whereas I did my schooling from St.Anns High School Secunderabad and Inter from St.Francis Junior College.

Are you satisfied with what you have? What are your future plans?

One is responsible for one’s own happiness. I’m always grateful and satisfied with what I have. Hard work and patience is the key. Eventually, you will get all that you desire and deserve. Currently, I want to get done with my Engineering. It’s my dream to be an IAS officer. So, I’m going to do my Masters in Science and simultaneously prepare for Civil Exams.

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How do you remain positive in your life?

Negativity has never affected me. I believe that if someone is spreading negativity without a reason then they want to be you. Secondly, the hate and negativity are so small when compared to the love and the appreciation I receive. That’s how I manage to remain positive throughout everything.

Make your own style and way – Preethi Raj

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

Acting/blogging is my hobby. As a person, I want to be a very successful and respected engineer. Talking about acting or my musically’s gig the fun of getting creative and adding that special touch to the regular work is the best part. It helps me escape reality and be or act like me (absolutely weird and drama ).

Tell us more about your blog and your journey so far.

I was a very shy and introvert person having a private account. I used to upload few musically now and
then as a hobby to pass time. My friends used to love it! I just wanted everyone to watch me perform and it all started there. Slowly people started watching my videos and content. Everybody loved what I posted. The appreciation and love keeps me going. The journey so far has been amazing but there is still a long way to go.

preethi raj muser blogger fashionista interview student stories
Looking great in traditional outfit as well- Preethi Raj


What do you consider as your greatest achievement?

This is just the beginning of my work. I have a lot of things to do and achieve in life. First being able to
make my parents proud by being an officer is my dream. Talking about acting or blogging it makes me happy and doing it as a part-time or spending my free hours for that it is something I would love to do in future as well.

What advice would you like to give to young aspirants in this field?

Don’t lose yourself trying to be someone else. Create your own style. ‘Fame’ is just a word. People will remember you for what you are and your uniqueness. Stay humble and happy. Don’t let anyone put you down. You Are Special in your unique way.

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