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Her Bone Chilling Poems About Unrequited Love, Loss and Heartbreak Are Loved By Millions ! Meet Medha Sharma- A Perpetual Paradox

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Medha Sharma is a versatile and impulsive writer. She has a willful indulgence in the #writersofinstagram space where she portrays her beautiful ideas about love, emotions, pain and self love. She started her Instagram handle to vent out her feelings but now she just can’t go without writing for a single day. Her work will inspire you to get over tough times that life throws at you, and turn it all into your superpower. She is currently busy preparing for her medical entrance and hopes to continue writing good poetry for along with her medical career.

medha sharma interview student stories poetess
The beautiful of representation of love by Medha Sharma

In a conversation with Medha about her love for roses and poetry :

Since you are obsessed with roses and you write a lot about love, why do you think that rose is a symbol of love?

Definitely, it can be thought of as a symbol of love but it isn’t limited to just that. A lot of my poems deal with love, loss and heartbreak and almost all of them arose because of an abundance of feeling, that’s what poetry is all about,  that’s what expression is all about too. Flowers have always been used as a way of expressing one’s feelings.

 Suppose you need to propose somebody you love and you would want to dedicate a few lines to him. Mention the lines you would like to dedicate with all your heart and soul !

That’s ironical because I’m too shy to actually go up to someone and confess my feelings.

medha sharma interview student stories instagram poet
Pouring out excellence- Medha Sharma

There are two sides of every coin. If love is on one side what could you fit on the other side and why?

That’s easy to answer. I would place Ego on the other side of this coin as  when you love someone, there’s no place for ego.

If given a chance to move backwards in life, what is that you would like to change and why?

 I would just remind my younger self to not give in to the voices of self doubt. Every now and then, I find them creeping into my life but I don’t let them get to me. I’m learning to be my authentic self without having to apologize for it. I’m grateful of the endeavors I’m experiencing and I think being kind to myself is the best thing I can do to achieve my goals.

What is so vigilantly beautiful about falling in love, about devoting yourself to someone and not expecting anything in return?

The best kind of love is when you give all of yourself to someone without expecting them to reciprocate it, as scary as it may sound, unrequited love is one of the purest forms of love. You trust that person with all of your heart. And I think it’s beautiful how selfless one can become when it comes to love.

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“Letting go is the easiest yet the most painful acts of love, but if they stay despite the hurt  there’s a purpose beyond love.“ How do you come up with such emotional and beautiful lines ?

A lesson that I’m constantly learning in love is to let go with grace. Love comes in many forms and each one’s sacred in its own way. For example, choosing to stay in a toxic relationship despite facing the trauma can be emotionally draining. Not only that, it requires a lot of strength and patience. When I was going through a similar experience, letting go was not an option for me. I was too scared of the consequences. but eventually I realized that it wasn’t healthy and that it needed to stop. We must accept change no matter how difficult it may feel.


“I mourn under the moon after a day of fighting a war trying to forget you.” Why do you exactly feel that dusk is the hour for mourning? And if people read your poems they might get more emotional so how do you suggest that your readers take your lines in a positive way?

Every person you come across will offer you a different kind of love. We all love in different ways. Dealing with a heartbreak is never easy. I could get my heart broken a million times but I will never allow myself to be closed off to love or affection because of someone else’s shameful actions. I would suggest everyone to remain connected with themselves,

that’s the most important thing to do.

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