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You Will Regret It If You Miss It. He Is Born With Music In His Soul! Jit Bhunia – An Aspiring Musician

jit bhunia band performance

Meet Jit Bhunia, who is a very young aspiring musician from Kolkata, West Bengal. This 24 year old artist, also an MBBS student is an eminent member of the band Trap Happy and a former member of band Pulse. Having a complete musical family background, this young artist is born with music in his soul.

Apart from some outstanding performances in college, this band Trap Happy has received their biggest achievement after performing at Live in Lakes, Rabindra Sarovar.

Few works of Trap Happy :

Live In Lakes featuring Trap Happy 

Trap Happy! – (Compilation of Covers) || Siddha Foundation presents Live In Lake 2016

“Our band believes in pleasing good music to the ears and grooving all the way”- Trap Happy

Jit Bhunia story interview

Jit Bhunia’s Interview:

  1. When did you discover an artist in you? And what musical instruments do you play?

Well, music was a thing at my home from the time I was born. Both my parents have a musical background. I play the Tabla, guitar and drums.

  1. Which famous musicians do you admire and why? Who has motivated you to choose this path?

Steven Wilson, Dream Theatre, Red Hot chilli peppers from international music. From Indian scene Gingerfeet, The Ganesh Talkies have played a great role.

Nobody motivated came to me naturally.

  1. Any musical memories you would like to share with us?

The first time we formed a band, the first time I actually played as a band and the feeling of a family amongst the band members. That’s something worth cherishing.

  1. Do you perform in public? Describe any such performance or any achievement!

Yeah absolutely. My previous band “PULSE” had launched an album called ‘Harmonic Hexagon’ and has done some shows. My current band Trap Happy had been winning a lot of contests and got to perform at Live In Lakes with many other prestigious people.

  1. Any struggles you have faced in your journey so far?

A journey is always filled with troubles. Yeah from a previous band falling apart, drum kit getting burnt to ashes, guitar being stolen, I kind of faced a lot.

  1. How do you manage your studies as well as music together so well?

Well, honestly 24 hours is enough to manage music, studies and a lot more. Even if I’m sitting idle or resting in my mind there is always some tune playing. That’s how I come up with new music ideas. So there’s no separate study time, or music time.

  1. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Any future long term goals?

Well yeah, I want to be a successful doctor obviously but at the same time want to keep music as a side too. And I want to see us (Trap Happy) performing at NH7 weekender.


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  1. What is music to you?

Music is a way and part of life to me. I can’t live without it. Even if I become too busy with my professional life and don’t get chance to perform I’ll still find some time to play some of my music maybe alone, or with some folks.

  1. Any message you would like to give to all those young aspiring musicians?

Well I still am in the aspiring musician stage, so not the right person to give messages. Just a thing- think about the music you or you and others are creating as a whole, not just what you are playing.

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