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What A Voice!! He Puts Life In His Music | A Singer In Making, Raj Barman

youtube song covers raj barman

Raj Barman is a 22 year old aspiring singer and YouTube artist.  Raj grew up in Kolkata. His interest in singing aroused when he was 15. He is a great Follower of Himesh Reshamiya’s  voice And Micheal Jackson’s Style. He is Fond of doing photography, designing, Video Making and Producing  Music apart from singing.Very Passionate about singing, Raj also does BGM for Bengali Movies – Meher Ali ,Horipodo Horibol  whereas a Heart sensing Song “Chhodobesh – Raj Barman“.

                    “I love to compose for Myself” – Raj Barman

Today he has a YouTube channel with 4,902,509 views and 67,405 subscribers.  He also has a facebook page with massive likes and followers at present.

Raj has covered many songs. Some of them are:

– Pehli Baar Mile Hain – Saajan | Raj Barman ft. KD

Raj Barman | Dariye acho tumi amar ganer opare | Rabindra Sangeet

– Raj Barman | Dariye acho tumi amar ganer opare | Rabindra 

Raj Barman | Dariye acho tumi amar ganer opare | Rabindra 

– Alvida (Unplugged Piano Cover) | Raj Barman | Life in a Metro 

–Dilwale | Gerua (Rock Cover) | Raj Barman ft. Raj & Co.

-“Chhodobesh – Raj Barman”

“Oe Re Piya re “

-“Musafir Song”  

and many more…

Raj has done various playbacks and his voice was the center of  attraction in them.
One must go through his playlist 🙂

Raj’s Youtube Channel


Raj Barman

No doubt his bang on hits is soon going to get this rising star a quick breakthrough in Bollywood.

RAJ BARMAN’s Interview :

Q.  When did you discover a singer in you?

Ans. I didn’t. My mom discovered it when she heard me singing all day when I was 15 years old. She believed I had a good voice. She recorded me while singing and she made her guru ‘Pintu Bhattacharya‘  listen to it. He told my mom to start my training.

Q. What is music to you?

Ans. Music is a language to me through which I can convey every emotion. It’s a source of happiness to me.

Raj Barman


Q. Who all supported you throughout in this profession?

Ans. My Parents supported me a lot throughout my journey. They were always standing behind me in every good and bad moments of mine.

Q. What all struggles did you face in this journey so far?

Ans. I Didn’t find any struggle as such because I wanted to sing. So as long as I am doing that every struggle seems like a new goal which I have to accomplish.

Raj Barman interview story

Q. Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

Ans. Definitely a Playback Singer.

Q.What are your future long term goals?

Ans. I would like to compose music and also want to do film making.

Q.Would you like to tell us something about your upcoming projects?

Ans. Bengali playbacks are there. My covers are there. May be I will be coming up with some interesting collaborations and experimental music.


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Raj’s Youtube Channel

Raj Barman Facebook Page

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