See How Young Entrepreneurs are simplifying Coaching Admissions in Indore with their startup “Eduwamp”

Connecting hundreds of Coaching Institutions and Tutors to the worthy students, Indore based Startup Eduwamp has jumped on the bandwagon of the Successful Startups. Founded by the Students of IET-DAVV, who are currently in their final year have garnered a lot of appreciation for their innovative idea and its implementation in the most efficient way. Excerpts from conversation with Young Entrepreneurs:

1.What is the Objective behind Eduwamp?

In India, Students depend a lot on coaching institutes and trainers be it for academic or non academic purposes. But there is no proper platform where they can get all the details of every coaching sitting at home. They end up joining few names they heard of, even if it doesn’t suit them. On the other side the coaching owners face the problem of not reaching their target audience which is overruled by big names and the other thing, they are still dependent on paper and excel sheets for handling admissions which becomes tedious for them. So, we are solving these problems by the web services that we provide to both the students as well as coaching classes.


2, Briefly elaborate, how did you start Eduwamp and what were initial challeneges ?

We strive to become the best marketplace and platform for any kind of coaching related queries all over the India, to solve problems of students and coaching nationwide. We started developing the product, went to the coaching institutes to get to know them and take all their information as we provide all authentic data taken by the team itself. We did our field work and came to know about the admission handling problem faced by them and started working on that too. We provide our users a platform where they can get all the authentic details of a coaching institute and trainers and a direct connection to them. We also look on to the problems of coaching owner, providing them a platform to reach out to their target audience, SaaS for handling admissions and inquiries on cloud and customer insights for improving their performance. We are bridging the gap between Students and Coaching Institutions.

3. Is there any incident which lead you to develop India’s first comprehensive Coaching  search engine?

There is no particular event that led to this idea but a series of problems faced. As students ourselves we found it very hard to find out a coaching institute according to our requirements without any tedious field work. Even if we can get contact details but with a huge numbers it is difficult to decide from them. These day to day problems faced by us and the overall student community inspired us to build this system , So that it becomes easy for them.

4. Can you familiarize us with your team of Eduwamp and distribution of work?

The team has four members, two being the co-founders and other two the most right person for their chosen jobs.

Shubham Kain​-Co-Founder & CEO – IT undergraduate and an entrepreneur by heart, passionate about creating a platform that could serve as a benchmark in career progression and help students in making wiser career decisions.

ShwetaVerma-​Co-Founder&COO-Computer Science undergraduate, fascinated about the ability of technology to generate businesses while solving a problem at the same time. She looks after the day to day operations and tracks the progress of overall implementation of works undergoing.

Tanmay Bhatt​-CTO-Computer Science undergraduate, a die-hard programmer and web designer, loves to work on new breakthrough technologies and develop algorithms that could help solving real life problems in most user friendly ways.

Shahrukh Ahmad​-CFO- An engineering dropout, having an affair with entrepreneurship from unknown times, a finance and money management enthusiast, he is passionate about building a sustainable business that could solve a problem and generate cash flows at the same time.

eduwamp office

5. How is Eduwamp doing so far?

The website was launched on the 1 st of January’16 and in less than two weeks more than 450 students registered on the platform and among them 130 took admissions in various courses in Indore. has daily Page views of 500. We have added a lot of Coaching Institutions  of Indore academic and non academic both and still counting. Adding more new courses with trainers in every field and constantly updating our product.

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6. You have recently shifted your office at Incuspaze ,Indore. What are your further expectations from Eduwamp?

Starting from Indore from March 2017, the business is set to generate a decent cash flow from July, given the required funds have been provided and utilized as per the plans. Being a coaching search engine, our aim is to step out from Indore after reaching the revenue stage and land in Delhi and Kota simultaneously in August and start revenues by November from both the cities. And in next two years, we have a target of listing institutes and tutors of top 100 cities of the country.

7. What problems you are currently facing with Eduwamp ?

As we are in our initial stages and making the product for mass level audience we are in requirement of funds for the accelerated operations and marketing campaigns in Indore city. The funds will be used in marketing and to bring students on our platform. The funds will also used to hire talent and expand our operations to different cities. Our market is both coaching sector and students and we estimate it to be USD 75 billion at CAGR of 35%. This market space is increasing at fast rate with more students dependent on coaching for academic and non academic purposes.

8. Wishing you the very best of luck with your startup. Any message for the upcoming Entrepreneurs?

One of the most important thing we as a team learnt in our journey was perseverance. We had several issues regarding money, team ,time and all but we went through all of them getting mature with them day by day. All college startups face this thing called lack of experience of corporate world. But you have to do something you do it. Nothing can stop you. We have learned a new thing at each step of our journey. Doing a startup is not easy but once you come into this world you give your more than 100% in it to make it succeed. Always be practical but never forget your dream to THINK BIG. If you chosen this path you should never easily give up. BELIEVE IN YOUR IDEA. YOU WILL MAKE IT BIG.

Eduwamp website 

Eduwamp facebook page

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