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India’s Youngest CEO: Anubhav Wadhwa’s initiative to dispose tyres through “Tyrelessly”

Anubhav may seem like any other teenager. But, this extraordinary student of the 12th standard at Pathways World School, Aravali, launched his first venture, a software product development company called TechAPTO, at the age of 12. Later, he launched Trends on Internet, an analytical company. With a determination to act on the issue of safe disposal of tires, Anubhav founded Tyreslessly, an aggregator of used tires, in December 2015.

1. When did this idea of recycling of tyres strike you?

It all started when I saw someone setting fire to a couple of tyres. It got me thinking about what happens to tyres that have served their time. After a quick Google check, I realized that burning tyres, an act that releases a cocktail of toxic gasses, is a huge environmental hazard.

2. How do you pick up tyres from ‘Tyrelessly’? What types of tyres you collect?

The collection of tyres is taken care of through the website, and users are notified after the disposal. Tyrelessly is for everyone – from a child with a bicycle to an adult with SUVs or trucks. In India, about 100 million tyres require recycling annually. But less than 5% are recovered, with the remainder subjected to unsafe disposal.

3. What happens to tyres once they are picked up for recycling process through the online “Tyrelessly” portal?

Once the tyre is picked up, it is sent to a recycling plant and will undergo pyrolysis – an extraction process which can help convert tyres into usable by-products like fuel oils, steel etc.

4. “Tyrelessly” is supposed to be your second venture. How did your first venture “TechAPTO” go?

It was a company that worked in the field of education technology consultancy. But people were not willing to take a 13-year-old seriously. So, we had to change the model a bit. We ventured into software development so that people could see our work. We work on project-basis and help schools and companies in back-end technology development.

5. You must be entitled to a very busy schedule. Do you ever get to be a normal teenager?

My company has collected more than 1,000kg of tyres. Well, it’s a race against time mostly, and so, I start early and sleep late to catch up on many things. I don’t get the time for some of my hobbies, like playing the violin, painting, and writing. But today, at least people take me seriously and know that I am talking sense.

6. You can easily be Googled, you have a Wikipedia page and you are widely known as the “Youngest CEO of India”. How does it feel?

I am now ready to expand to other metropolitan cities. I love to introduce himself as CEO of a company. My friends are amazed to know that I started a company for the environment and in my school, I am kind of Mr. Popular.

7. You have a venture that is both helping the nation in its eradication of pollution and helping you also in many ways. So what is the aim that you behold through this venture?

The goal is to inspire people to make smarter choices for a more sustainable future. The aim is to recycle 10 million scrap tyres, and save a million square yards of landfill space and eliminate tons of carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released by the irresponsible burning of tyres.


As part of his vision towards ensuring sustainable development, Anubhav is working towards building strong relationships with governments and other key stakeholders. For now, Anubhav wants to just keep doing what he does best and spread the message of disposing of tyres in a safe manner.


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